BioShock: The Collection heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC this September

2K Games finally officially announces remasters that leaked more than Rapture.

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Relientk772945d ago

Nice, love the Bioshock series.

Can't wait to play these games again

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Eonjay2944d ago

I know right? And it seemly has all the DLC. I loved Infinite. One of the most original FPS games I have played in a while.

Sunny_D2944d ago

Hell yeah. Loved Bioshock 1 and Infinite. Never got to play the 2nd one, but this may change that.

XanderZane2944d ago

Yuuuuupp. I might have to grab me a copy of this collection.

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Bigpappy2944d ago

BC is good enough for me. Not rebuking old games I already played

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Darkwatchman2944d ago

I'd still rather have prettier versions of games with better framerates and all DLC includes than be stuck with the same aged versions I already have on console

Bigpappy2944d ago

To each their own. Ithe will still be the same old game

Pongwater2944d ago

BC never interested me enough to use it when I had it, and in this case I never played 2 of the 3 games in the collection. Whether I'll have time to play them is another matter. I've already got the biggest backlog I've ever had in my gaming life. Just recently started Fallout 4, and Alien Isolation will be next.

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Utalkin2me2944d ago

I totally agree. It's still the same game. Only way this is good is for people that haven't played it. I never thought we would ever see a day in age in gaming when people are stupid enough to purchase the same game twice. If people are so worried about graphics and fps then maybe they should start gaming on the PC.

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Mr-Dude2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

About time... Leaked like 4 or 5 times already. I hope it's a good remaster and not a Capcom or Activision remaster..

Sono4212944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I don't know what you mean by activision.. the Call of duty 4 remaster looks great so far and they are completely remastering the 3 original Crash Bandicoot games from the ground up.. so I fail to see how Activision is know for bad remasters

Mr-Dude2944d ago

The prototype remasters

formanbradley2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

You have to buy a futuristic game you don't want, in order to get the modern-day that one you do
...and THEN you have to buy half of the multiplayer maps from a game that released 10 years ago
That's what an Activi$ion remaster is. Looks like the "Activision is shit and kills every franchise they touch" stereotype is still 100% indisputable truth.

Deadpooled2944d ago

Not 100% clear cut on how the Crash trilogy remaster will go especially considering they're from the ground up, Activision passed it to Vicarious Visions who are more known for their handheld games and guitar hero than remastering games.

MYDEATH212944d ago

I just want the bioshock 2 multilayer. It was fun as hell! To bad I only played with the same 20 people over.... and over again. Was pretty dead at the time I finally got around to it.

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ninsigma2944d ago

So that artwork is the cover?? Guess I'm buying it xD

-Foxtrot2944d ago

It better get Steelbook. It would be a wasted opportunity if it doesn't

ninsigma2944d ago

Steel book would be amazing. Have remasters gotten a steel book before though?? I don't remember any.

-Foxtrot2944d ago

Uncharted the Nathan Drake Collection got one

Kingdom Hearts the Final Mix 1.5 & 2.5 HD

Oblivion 5th Year Anniversary...not a remaster but still

The Master Chief Collection

Metal Gear Solid HD Trilogy

The Last of US PS4 Edition

Final Fantasy X HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

There's been some

ninsigma2944d ago

I clearly didn't use enough brain power when trying to think of any steel book remasters. I even own the steel book uncharted collection!

At least there's a precedent for it, so fingers crossed!

Nyxus2944d ago

Yep, I will probably get this.