Rocksteady wants Arkham VR to live up to the legacy

Gamereactor had a chat with producer Dax Ginn about Batman: Arkham VR.

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IamTylerDurden1841d ago

Batman VR actually sounds awesome and all hands on reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. I want it.

TheGreatObserver841d ago

Is this the psvr exclusive? I've not seen much about it

Goldby841d ago

it was briefly shown at E3, i saw a video playstation access put out talkign about the game.

The Piano in his apartment actually works and you can play a song on it to trigger the animations.

Dawning the cowl is an amazing expereince from what i here, and its more forensics side of things over the beat em up form the other arkham games.

jb227840d ago

From what has been said it is a PSVR exclusive, at least for now. Not sure if they've fully clarified whether it'll hit other VR platforms down the road, but Rocksteady might not want to risk another Arkham Knight situation so they may not bother with it.