Destructoid Review: Too Human

Destructoid writes: "Too Human attempts to blend Norse Mythology with science fiction to retell the beginning of The Ragnarok, that which the Vikings considered their end of the world, when their Gods, the Aesir, would be destroyed in a war with Loki and his children. Playing the role of Baldur, it is your job to wage war against the mechanical horde with whom Loki has sided and protect humanity as an Aesir."

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killax35633701d ago

That's going to bring down the metacritic score.

facepalm3701d ago

"Ouch" is right... {That's what I said after their "Eternity's Child" review as well...}

I admit that I didn't enjoy "Too Human" as much as other people, but I believe that it doesn't deserve a "2"...

leyego3701d ago

a 2/10 is just.... uncalled for... no matter how much it sucks it doesn't deserve a 2..
oh well to bad metacritic doesn't give a rats ass.

badz1493701d ago

that's a low review for a game that had 10 years of hype! in fact 'TOO' low, it's almost funny! I won't read the review and I didn't play the game either but nor do I agree with 2/10! (TOO)

LuigiLogik3700d ago

I'm probably going to get a wambulance for this but i'm serious, I'm not defending the game nor am i saying that they shouldn't have given it 2/10. They can give it any number they want, but the purpose of Meta Critic is to collect an aggregate scores from sites which have similar standards. 99% of the sites would give 2/10 to a game that was completely broken other then the fact that it booted up and actually started. Destructoid seems to give 2/10 mostly because of overhype and a bad story, they admitted to actually liking some aspects but still gave it a 2. which is fine for a laugh and to get more hits on your site but i don't think that their number score should be taken into consideration, but by all means read the text.

BattleAxe3700d ago

That score is so hilarious. People who own XBOX 360s must be starting to doubt the console. First Too Human, then Infinite Undiscovery, then Tales of Vesperia. These games were some of what was supposed to compete with the PS3 lineup, but failed. I think Banjo will be the next flop, but I think Gears2 and Fable 2 will be huge.

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GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Destructoid you suck!

This game is definately not a 2, I don't even think you scored Vampire Rain a 2.

chasegamez3701d ago

Vampire Rain is more like a 2
looks like a last gen game

DarthTigra 3701d ago

Yes i have to agree this game imo is a 5 at worst

Relcom3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

lol you take it like a personal insult....weak

By the way if you look up zero in the dictionary their is a pic of vampire rain

The gaming GOD3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

"Never going to that site again"

So we cry foul just because we don't get the scores we want?

That's like saying "Mommy, I don't love you anymore because you gave me similac when I was an infant"

NG4, Home of the crbaby lol

I don't see how people have faith in reviews anyway. What you can't rent a game and formulate your own opinions? You need to be told what your opinion is by some "professional"?

LOL- the crbaby edited his comment so that "Never going to that site again" is gone

GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Personal insult? No. It is an insult to this game and gamers that read this dribble. I understand reviews are personal opinions but this is just insulting.

The Gaming God: Excuse me? I have a problem with this review and you call me a cry baby. That's what the comment section is for to discuss the topic at hand and this is a a ridiculous score for this game. There is obviously something going on beyond just the review of this game and yes I will not be visiting this POS site again but I did remove that part of my comment because I didn't think it needed to be said here.

So can you have a discussion without insulting other members of the community in the Open Zone? You seem to have a problem with that here.

Relcom3701d ago

what you do is look at the reviewers tastes and see if they fit your own. if it does take it to heart if not then don't give a sh*t.

Simple as that man.

Fox013701d ago

I know this game is bad... I just don't think it's 2/10 bad.
Well it's his own opinion anyway and I wouldn't give a f*** if I was interested in the game...

Nevers3701d ago

Cuz at least his blatant retardation didn't effect his spelling. But really > WHAT A JOKE !!!

I actually love the controls and really LM>f'n<AO when I read this part

"analog controls lack depth of any kind, get really old really quick and are unresponsive"

Oh, you mean less old than pushing in combinations of buttons ?!?!? I mean, come on... What a [email protected]$$

And for a game with absolutely no slow-down from load times (unlike almost every other game on the market) Too Human's "Valkyrie scene", if not necessary, is a great punishment for a game that is nothing but reward after reward after reward.

I and all the friends of mine that have bought Too Human (6) are having a blast with every aspect of the game. And speaking on their behalf, I'd like to voice opposition to this totally lame score. Review it bad, if you want; but it's definitely not a 2/10. That's just biased BS !!

Doggstyle3701d ago

Obviously,this review is because Dyack wouldn't STFU. Totally unfair, but made to get hits and/or piss him off enough to keep talking sh1t about "haters".

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Relcom3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

""I didn't even break a sweat" and "I almost broke a sweat" three-hundred times a mission."


Hentai3701d ago

This is TOO Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

uxo223701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

A totally irresponsible and careless rating. Makes a total mockery of the game reviewing industry. All future reviews by this guy will be ignored by me, as he has proven that he can not be objective.

Shame on him, he should be moved to building custodian or lawn

I tell you what would be nice, if someone would create a website that list game reviewers and allow gamers to review and rate their abilities to do their jobs properly. This would help people when they are trying to buy games; as the quality game reviewers would rise to the top.

They can rate the sites and the reviewers. These dudes are no longer in touch with gamers.

waltercross3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Gamefly allow Players to review and rate games.

based on 1409 ratings, TOO Human has a rating of 7.1
on Gamefly.