'God Of War 4' Combat Play Explained, Kratos' Wife To Feature In Game's Upcoming PS4 Story

"God of War 4" will feature two kinds of combat play. Meanwhile, Kratos' wife will play a huge role in the upcoming game.

The much talked about "God of War 4" has been finally announced in the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. It was deemed one of the biggest reveal at that time partly because fans have been clamoring for a new installment from the titular series for a while now. Little is known about the upcoming title, but details about the combat play and its PS4 story have surfaced.

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Eiyuuou2945d ago

Wanna bet his wife is a Valkyrie?

medman2945d ago

I thought Barlog said his wife was Loki........

Eonjay2945d ago

I will go all out and say its Athena... for those who actually beat GOW 3...

Darkfist_Flames2945d ago

but she got angry when kratos gave hope to humanity

emad-E-three2945d ago

I'm thinking the same thing, She saved him and took him to Scandinavia.

iceman062945d ago

@MSF89...the pantheon of Greek gods are products of incest. So, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. In fact, most pantheons don't have outside gods that come into the fold. They start from the originals and have no choice but sisters and brothers.

DragonKnight2944d ago

Athena taking human form to become Kratos' wife, while being his sister. To what end though? She didn't have a real grudge against the other gods, only Ares, so what would be the point in helping Kratos kill every other god? Still, would be very interesting.

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2945d ago
Fullmetalevolust2945d ago

I hope the wife is a warrior, like an Einherjar and she kicks ass!

2945d ago
WeAreLegion2945d ago

Getting an Old Man Logan vibe. Which is good.

TwoForce2944d ago

It's very good comic book.

jb2272944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Cory Barlog specifically called that book out as an influence, which is awesome...easily my favorite Wolverine story. That story may hold a hint to this question of the kid though...

In that book, Logan was protecting the son of his mortal enemy, and the one he meant to slay. If this story is meant to be influenced by OML like Barlog said, that may point to the kid not being Kratos' own at all. Maybe the kid is Thor & his father is meant to be Odin & Odin either was or is on Kratos' new kill list...seems a bit on the nose but I'm not too well versed in Norse myth & the lightning seemed to be a pretty safe indicator. Could also be that the kid is Odin...they also mentioned that the game takes place slightly before the beginning of the traditional Norse myth, basically during what would be equivalent to the time of the Titans in the Greek myth. Could be that Kratos is ushering in that myth this time.

shuvam092945d ago

The kid's mother will most probably be Sif, with the kid being Ullr, and she ain't Kratos' wife...

Errorist762945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I agree... the mother will be dead, kidnapped who knows, with Kratos left having to care for the child and find her, avenge her, who knows.

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BlakHavoc2945d ago

If she plays a major role I'd bet that shes some sort of warrior since she taught him how to hunt yet did all the killing herself, if thats not enough proof, she also existed in a time when the gods walked the earth. Very excited to play this, I also hope you'll see more weapons throughout the game and not just the axe, but knowing the history of GoW Kratos will probably have an array of weapons to choose from.