Star Wars Director JJ Abrams Is Playable in Lego The Force Awakens

You can unlock and play as The Force Awakens' director in the new Lego video game.

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badz1492946d ago

Is Lucas playable too? it's kinda a dick move to put JJ Abrams in when he just had the golden platter on his lap when Lucas is the father of SW. it's like complementing the success of MS to Nadela but not to Gates. that's just wrong!

ZeekQuattro2946d ago

Good question but looking back I don't think Lucas was playable in any of the numerous Lego Star Wars games. Kinda strange to have Abrams who was only on for a single movie get a spot in the lastest Lego Star Wars game and not one of the original creators.

OtterX19h ago

For me, these Mario + Rabbids games were the best thing Ubisoft has developed in recent years. I'd hate to see Ubisoft drive the series into the ground like their other properties, so I think 2 games are enough. Maybe 1 more.

Inverno12h ago

They can't ruin it because Ninty will send their ninjas to destroy all traces of it. If not for that you can bet that spinoff series would've been milked dry by now.

XiNatsuDragnel18h ago

Good luck in your future endeavors

Hotpot17h ago

Thank you for Mario + Rabbids series, I quite enjoyed it

Einhander197216h ago

Great games, I have wanted Sony to copy these games with their own mascots for years.

DefaultComment13h ago

I think Nintendo has to hire this guy, I mean the fact that miuamoto himself said to him that he is impressed with this work, speaks volumes. Th possibility on having Mario on Soliani's hand could be incredible and quite possibly a new era for Mario games.

OtterX13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Yea, these games didn't even feel Ubisoft at all. This felt very authentic Nintendo. This guy's direction is obviously stellar, and Ubisoft somehow managed to not kill it with microtransactions and repetitive, boring tasks.


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Chard19h ago

Missing the most important game - Rogue Leader


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MestreRothN4G2d ago

Raph Koster wrote the #1 most influential game design book. Nice to see a game coming from him.