Game Argus Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Game Argus writes: "Bring back the commentary team of David Fehrety and Gary McCord! That's the first though up booting up the '09 edition of the continually solid Tiger Woods franchise. Thankfully, that's a relatively minor complaint, though no less of an annoyance. This is the best edition of Tiger since 2004.

A lot has changed in a year. There are six new courses to play on, although six have also been removed. All of the lighting models have been re-done, meaning simply that Pebble Beach has never looked like this. The water crashing against the shoreline against a sunset is a remarkable sight.

Significant gameplay changes add to the visual aura. The analog swing mechanic has been changed again, making it easier and far more intuitive. Last years adjustments made it brutally difficult at lower levels to send the ball straight. Also added in an indicator in the lower left of the screen, which lets you know exactly how your swing went to help a lower skilled player learn from their mistakes."

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