MS talks Games for Windows

Taking stage for the Microsoft keynote address at CES, Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment devices division at Microsoft, confidently announced that Vista and Games for Windows "will revitalise gaming" for the platform.

Bach explained that Games for Windows will benefit both the hardcore and casual gamer, and then introduced a video showcasing a line-up of Games for Windows titles, all of which can be controlled using the Xbox 360 controller.

Games featured in the video included Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs, Supreme Commander, Shadowrun, Alan Wake, Bioshock, Flight Simulator X, The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, World in Conflict, Hellgate: London, Company of Heroes, Lego Star Wars II, Age of Conan and Crysis.

Also shown was the much anticipated PC version of Halo 2 and a Games for Windows version of Xbox Live Arcade favourite Geometry Wars.

The much touted Live anywhere, that was announced back at E3 2006, has gone onto the operating table and is now known as the 'Live Games and Entertainment Network'. This service will enable PC and Xbox 360 gamers to play together, with games such as Shadowrun and UNO confirmed as cross-platform enabled titles when the service goes live in the summer.

Windows Vista is scheduled for release on January 30 and we're sure to hear much more on Vista/Xbox 360 cross platform gaming in the near future.

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atomhead5437d ago

For some games I could see the benefit of putting PC and console gamers together but FPS isn't one that springs to mind. I have a hunch PC gamers will dominate and people will avoid games with players from the other platform. I mean yeah it's great for a game that is played with a controller on both platforms, but if I were them I wouldn't be marketing this with FPS games.