Insomniac Has a “Huge” Team Working on PS4 Spider-Man; Engine Was Iterated Since Ratchet and Clank

Insomniac Games is working on a bunch of project, but apparently the studio has a large percentage of its manpower working on the upcoming Spider-Man for PS4, as they mentioned on Twitter.

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no_more_heroes2935d ago

I'm actually wondering how this is only just happening. The only other devs that could be any more perfect for making a good Spiderman game would be Sucker Punch.

ZeroX98762935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

Wow! you know what? of all the first party studio that was at E3, I totally forgot that Sucker Punch didn't present anything at E3 2016. Can't wait to see what they're working on :)

but on topic, I loved how fluid and alive the animation are in Spiderman PS4! Insomniac almost always make awesome titles, so expect this one to be of the same quality.

nix2935d ago

Sony probably gave it to Insomniacs for the titles they've done in the past for Sony. Insomniacs are really good at creating weapons. So expect amazing new weapons attacks on that game.

Still a shocker to give it to Insomniac and not one of their own studio - Sucker Punch.

UltimateMaster2934d ago

It is the first time in 5 years that a Naughty Dog game wasn't presented, either a new game or Remastered version.
I think it's a good thing for them to put some shine on their other talented developers rather than focusing only on ND.
I think Sucker Punch was already developing a new game since Infamous Second Son and didn't want to disturb their current project. The Spiderman deal was made afterwards with the movie studios and Marvel Cinematic Universe.
They are both talented developers, I have faith in their quality.

thatguyhayat2935d ago

I thought the rumours were leading towards that tooo but makes you wonder what theyre doing

Overload2935d ago

They're making a new IP.

S2Killinit2935d ago

Yup. Hope they are doing a new ip.

IamTylerDurden12934d ago

SP is on new IP or an Infamous sequel, either way i'm happy.

Fan theory: 2nd Son sequel called 2 Sons where Reggie actually was turned into a conduit (saving him from death) in the wake of Ms. Concrete's demise. It'll feature 2 player co op and Reg and Del will track down the dangerous, escaped conduits from Curdan Cay while facing a new emerging threat.

That's how i'd do my sequel.

Goldby2934d ago

i would m,uch rather have a sequel for fetch than delsin

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Sunny_D2934d ago

Yes I'm so glad Insomniac is showing us that they are putting in the time and effort to creating a great Spiderman game. They were the lucky devs to be able to create a game for an iconic comic book character and it shows they want to do right.

DafunkyRebel2934d ago

I played Sunset Overdrive so I know for a fact Sony made the right called giving Insomniac the Spiderman project

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

Please for the love of God i hope they do not dumb down and simplify the mechanics of this game for children ,, and understand adults like spiderman also. I loved treyarches spiderman 2 long ago. There was at least controller options for easy and more technical web slinging. We are used to control scemes now dangit ! Even my 9 year old has better coordination than i did as a young man. I was hoping sucker punch also. Bummed . But its cool they dont have to pay a lot of money for licensing and cut corners and hire less talented less paid developers. And make it definite crap as always. Thats a great sign. Im nervous though,, cause ive died for a awesome spiderman game,,, and movie tbh

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Overload2935d ago

Insomniac is a very efficient studio and seem to be taking this very seriously, as they should.

Blazeit7132935d ago

Meant to agree sorry about that. This is a big opportunity for them, if they can produce a high quality Spiderman game with great gameplay to go with them slick graphics this could sell 5 million +.

Sunny_D2934d ago

I totally believe this game can sell really well. If Sony releases it by the Homecoming movie next year and with an increased PS4 install base, this game will be flying off the shelves.

DJ2935d ago

Yeah, after decades of sh#t licensed games, we may actually get something amazing for once! Hope this is the start of a new trend.

Hk85karlsson2934d ago

And after Sunset Overdrive (which seems like a good game, haven't played it) they must create a solid AAA game.
Which company could make two bad games (saleswise) in a row and still be afloat?

madmonkey012934d ago

Ratchet and clank did fine,

gangsta_red2935d ago

It'll be interesting to see their take on Spider-Man as well as his many villains. I am very curious to see the art and style these characters will have.

jb2272935d ago

I'm glad we are finally going to potentially see a wider roster of villains to go along w/ those classic rogues. The trailer shows Mr. Negative's Inner Demons a few times & it shows the Feast center so he's a shoe in, then there's the Oscorp stuff which would point to Goblin making an appearance. I'm right there with you in terms of the art & design sensibilities. One of the things that made the Arkham games such a success is the way they reimagined the characters while keeping their core intact. If Insomniac can pull that off along w/ a lot of easter eggs, then give us some proper themed interiors & levels to go along w/ the open world NYC, this game could really be something special. Pumped to see how it all pans out & I'm hoping this is just the first of many announcements for proper console style quality Marvel games.

gangsta_red2935d ago

That is also one of the reasons I loved the Arkham titles, the way they portrayed The Riddler imo was the best iteration of that character I have ever seen. I would like to see that same type of re-imagining for Spider-man's villains.

It would be excellent if Insomniac (or anyone) did a Superior Spider-Man type story. Having Spider-Man being a reformed villain with a superiority complex and powers was pretty much the best story line Spider-Man has had in a long time.

We need a return of 'good' super hero comic book games.

jb2272935d ago


I absolutely agree...some people bashed Superior but I thought it was genius, it really added a great spin...I'd never thought if it as a game but it would be kinda perfect. On top of the traditional spider powers you could also have a bigger focus on the tech with gadgets & suits. That would make for a great game.

That's ironic too because Arkham Knight basically did exactly that & that stuff ended up being the main praise for the game really. It was obvious that the new Arkham writers were really inspired by that stuff.

ShadowWolf7122934d ago

"Superior" was a waste of time and a poorly-handled arc that had just about everyone behaving in a massively out-of-character manner, and literally depended on the entire Marvel Universe suffering from Plot-Induced Stupidity for over a year.

nevin12935d ago

So this confirms it will be a very expensive project?

Errorist762935d ago

That's pretty much a given. It's a huge brand and can be a system seller for Sony. Marvel being involved as well I'm sure the production limits are through the roof.

Rimeskeem2935d ago

I kind of wish Sucker Punch was helping. Don't get me wrong, Insomniac is 100% fit for the job but after I played Second Son, I realized Sucker Punch is incredibly good with making worlds for characters and powers.

Errorist762934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )


Who says they aren't?! Sony's first party teams always share information.

Goldby2934d ago

i think one of the main reasons we have insomniac making spiderman and not Suckerpunch is the comic humor instilled in Peter Parker. theres always been humor within the Insomniac games, from the titles to dialogue to just all out design style.

Don't get me wrong, sucker punch is an amazing company, but i think they would do better with something more grounded, or at least realistic in the sense of lack of humor, or just the right amount of it akin to say Daredevil. afterall, there has been talks and video footage of the cancelled game, that may be the new ip,. to help cash in on the netflix series

sammarshall1022935d ago

This will probably be the game to make me get a PS4 along with the Scorpio