BioShock The Collection Outed by 2K Games Website

Apparently the rumors about a BioShock collection might have a measure of truth to them. A website for “Bioshock The Collection” briefly appeared on 2K’s domains, only to be quickly removed shortly afterwards.

ninsigma2641d ago

Very interesting! Anyone who missed out on these gems last gen should def pick this up when released! Hoping that bringing a collection out means a new one is also on the way!!


Is it sad that they are still on my backlog of games to play? Haha ill pick this up and will more then likely will play them now. Is all 3 on the disc or just first 2?

Yui_Suzumiya2641d ago

All 3 plus story DLC as well. It is sad but better late than never. I was a day 1 adopter for all 3 (well infinite was 2 weeks after release) and have platinums for the first two. I'm the BioShock nut around here. It's the only series besides Mass Effect that I could play infinitely and never get tired of xD

ninsigma2640d ago

Not sad but dude get to it! XD
Looks to be a collection so all 3 with dlc to be included.

ifistbrowni2641d ago

They need to announce and date this collection. I'd really love to play them again. I'm just tired of reading about this game coming out. I feel like it's been rumored for release ever since year 1 of the "next generation" consoles.

ninsigma2640d ago

Yeah it has been a long time coming!

Null19802641d ago

Nice. I'd play through these again. It's especially been a long time since I played the original Bioshock.

-Foxtrot2641d ago

If this happens then this...


HAS to be used with a special edition Steelbook....come on it's just asking for one, it's fantastic

ninsigma2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

It actually is an amazing artwork. I'd probably buy the game just to have that in my game collection!

Movefasta19932641d ago

i have them all on steam but id buy that.

ninsigma2641d ago

I have infinite on steam and the trilogy on ps3. Don't really have a interest in buying the remasters but with that box art I'd be all over it xD

Deadpooled2641d ago

That is a superb front cover.

jcnba282641d ago

This has been rumoured for ages now, just bring it out already!

danny8182641d ago

Never played Bioshock. Maybe ima pick this up

Yui_Suzumiya2641d ago

Holy mackerel! Best franchise ever! You're in for a hell of a treat. I can't play these games enough but I've only had a PS4 for the past year so this day 1 material for me.

Ysmir67232641d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Best franchise ever???Are you for real?

Civilization for example is a much better franchise,like baldurs gate are really quite a few others.I suggest playing them again to notice just how many problems both games have,especially infinite.

PygmelionHunter2641d ago


Bioshock 1 and 2 are my favorite FPS of all time.

What's wrong with it being SolidGear3's favorite franchise? Although one would believe Metal Gear would take the spotlight, judging by his username lol.

LoveSpuds2641d ago

I agree, Bioshock is up there with best franchises for me.

Yui_Suzumiya2641d ago


It's definitely at the top.. although my all time favorite game is The Last of Us.. but BioShock is just a series I could play repeatedly and never get tired of and I got BioShock on PS3 as a day 1 preorder, BioShock 2 as a day 1 preorder and BioShock Infinite for PS3 about two weeks after it came out. I have platinums for both BioShock and BioShock 2 and the only thing I ever missed out on was the DLC for BioShock Infinite. You can call me a superfan if you must. When the BioShock Collection was first leaked last September I became obsessed. This being the fifth leak and we're one step closer to having this gem. 2K Marin is working on a new game as well and I have faith because they did BioShock 2. I love every game equally and very few FPS games even come close to the greatness of these.

Movefasta19932641d ago

I feel like infinite had one of the greatest stories ever,like just as mind fuckery as the first game,but unlike the first game the pacing felt off and there were wa too many shootouts.The dlc of infinite was what i wanted the main game to be like,it was more creative,like that time Elizabeth was chatting up the shop keeper and you had to sneak in and collect an item.Those little moments were needed.

danny8182640d ago

really?! i love me a good game! I dont wanna think about it much and go right inn. Many folks rave about this franchise

Yui_Suzumiya2640d ago


I don't like RTS and the only games in a medieval Fantasy setting I enjoy are Dragon Age II and Inquisition. I like originality and brilliant narratives. The Last of Us is the only thing that tops BioShock in the history of gaming, imo.

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