The 50 Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time

"Without villains, there are no heroes. We take a look at the top 50 greatest video game villains of all time.

Everyone loves a great hero, but the villain is the driving motivation behind every great story. Every hero needs someone or something preventing them from reaching their end goal, whether it is to rescue the princess, save the world, or escape their own demise. That is what makes for an epic adventure. Sometimes these antagonists can be even more complex and captivating than the protagonists themselves. A good villain engages the player and drives them to keep playing the game in order to defeat them. Whether it is their diabolical plans, their monstrous appearances, or their evil personalities, villains can make or break a video game."

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ITPython936d ago

Yikes, talk about page spamming for clicks. You have to go through 50 pages to see each villen. No thanks.

Sciurus_vulgaris936d ago

Wasn't a very good list; the rankings outside the top 10 seemed very random .