But Wait…There's More! Stuff for your Wii

GotGame Writes: "I remember even before the Wii was released in 2006, it was marketed primarily based on the very bizarre controller it came with. The public dubbed this device: the "Wiimote". The initial teaser ads contained a slightly creepy montage of people looking into the camera while waving the Wiimote around in unusual ways, amidst the sounds of everything from cars driving, tennis balls being hit and guns being fired. This magical remote could do anything it seemed. So why is Nintendo tripping over itself in a rush to change it?"

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ChickeyCantor3699d ago

"This doesn’t actually change the controller. It simply offers more sensitivity in the way that it recognizes your hand movements. Isn’t this a bit like saying the Wii is broken? "

...Quote the damn line where Nintendo said Wii-remote is suppose to do 1:1 full-motion tracking.
Miyamoto said it was a Developers Demand. Check die Wii forums i posted a link there.

" I’d rather spend my money on more games than a little chunk of plastic."

So, this guy feels forced to buy these things?
Why do they pretend Nintendo says you must by these things.
I only get 2 nunchucks for my 2 Wii-motes and thats pretty much it the add-on bashing is really nonsensical. Why do these people pretend you MUST buy them?
You rather pay for a game then a chuck of plastic, then go ahead you are mister 10000 who says such uninteresting BS.