GameZone: Art of Murder: FBI Confidential Review

GameZone writes: "Nicole Bonnet is an FBI agent based in New York City. Her partner is killed suddenly, but instead of being allowed to work on that case, she is instead assigned to working a different case with a new partner. This new case involves several grisly, ritualistic murders that appear to be the work of a serial killer. The trail begins in New York, but eventually leads to South America.

The game begins with the murder of Nicole's partner. Shortly afterwards (in game time, that is), she's back at the office and ready to get back to work. In this big, dangerous city of New York, this branch of the FBI only has three desks for the rank and file officers and one desk for the boss. Nicole is the only regular officer here, as she prepares to investigate her partner's death. The secretary is here, though, and Nicole chats with her and then tries to head out. Oh, wait, she has to write up the report, first, before she can leave. Drat, the printer is out of paper! This is too exciting."

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