MoDojo: Neopets Puzzle Adventure Preview

Chris Buffa Writes:

"By the grace of maturity and testosterone, we escaped the virtual pet craze and took our rightful places as sexy men. Then Capcom struck a deal with Neopets and Infinite Interactive, the team behind the enjoyable Puzzle Quest, and now we find ourselves regressing and wondering what a Yurble is. Neopets Puzzle Adventure is the DS game we cannot resist.

It's not all that surprising, given Puzzle Quest's success and Capcom's pedigree. What we have is a cute yet addictive puzzle game in which you wander the massive land of Neopia meeting new characters and going on well over 150 missions, competing against other creatures in a furious bout of puzzling. Except instead of playing a Bejeweled clone, it's Reversi, also known as Othello. Here, the goal is to make sure your color dominates the eight-by-eight grid by turning over your opponent's pieces to match your own."

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grkblood133724d ago

from the title i was expecting to see a modded 360. im dissapointed.