2 features from Playstation HOME to be withdrawn?

Play3-live writes:
"Two of the main functions of PlayStation Home, that were promised from the day of the official announcement, may be withdrawn for security reasons."

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sonarus3750d ago

If this is true then home just lost 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cool points

Cwalat3750d ago

Sony have made alot of withdrawns lately....

first the transfer and recording isssue in PlayTV and now this ?

i mean comon.. wtf..

marinelife93750d ago

I just got my US Home Beta invite a few minutes ago. They said they liked my wall paper. Check your emails you may already be in.

gaffyh3750d ago

I didn't even know that those were major promised features lol. It's kinda obvious that they would get rid of them because it could easily lead to piracy.

HighDefinition3750d ago

They just gained them for me, since I just GOT IN!!!!

See you in Home.

PM for my PSN.

Bangladesh3750d ago

I think Sony is doing the right thing if this is true. This will keep Home from becoming a "den" of perverts and pedophiles, which it surely would have become. Although they promised these features, and are now breaking that promise. I respect them for taking the high road. Judging by the demented behavior of the Sony fanboy population that has infected this site(imo 100x worse than Live is allegedly). I think they made a good decision.

Mozilla893750d ago

Really? I room with a guy who plays on live constantly and if he's an example of people on Live I think I'd rather stick around here. I dont think we have any racists here or on PSN for sure. Although COD 4 does attract alot of annoying people...

3750d ago
vdesai3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Didn't they say that you won't be able to do that for home just yet. If they do take them out then they will most likely up security and have "cops" or mods. Fanboys only fight with other fanboys so ya I guess that makes you the fanboy thats not on sony's side.

waltercross3750d ago

Quit fishing for responses from sony fans.

macalatus3750d ago


You ain't fooling anybody with your comments.

Open zone is ===========>

Yeah, follow the line.

bpac1234567893750d ago

THIS BETTER NOT BE TRUE. this is one of the biggest features i was looking forward to for the ps3. i want to share music and videos it would be like a virtual youtube.

oh well the new xbox live experience looks cool, guess its time to sell my ps3.

disclaimer:would never sell my ps3 for an xbox.

xhairs93750d ago

Is it that hard to realize that Sonarus is an xbox 360 "fanboy"? Looking at his previous posts all he does is bash Sony, the PS3, and it's games. It's no surprise he would post something like this.

barom3750d ago

Am I the only one who can't read the site properly?

Could anyone fill me in on what features were cut?

Bangladesh3750d ago

What I understood about it, is that you will no longer be able to use content other than what is on the psn store. Hence you won't be visiting peoples "homes" with "Gay Cowboy 9" playing on their virtual Bravias, or listening to "Confession's of a Middle-Aged Crack Addict" on a virtual sony stereo.

theKiller3749d ago

u fail again!!
u r most probably bloodmast,theMART and other that we dont know!!
i mean come on where did bloodmask go?? he is on this site 24/7 posting news so its no surprise that he will make new account to unleash his fanboy thought on ps3!!
u r a oure 360 fanboy so stop with that [email protected] acting and show ur real self!! u wont get any bubbles by trying to act normal!

on topic: well if they will remove some features that could ruins HOME experience and with them, other wise am not!! but we dont need to worry, in the beta and final version we can always demand them for new features, its not like they cant add new features any time they want! so if there is anything missing the people that got the invites should demand them from sony as a feed back, and on the final version we shall get more features!!

HOME will only grow bigger by the time along with LBP

xhairs93749d ago

Bangladesh might have just grown old of the same typical fanboy response center answers. At least he's trying to prove himself, and it's true, just like the big scandal of X rated icons on XBL -- this could pose a problem for family entertainment. What's to stop a 16 year old kid from coming into my apartment where me and a few of my buddies are crackin open a few virtual brewskies chillin in my hot tub watchin a nice Cap'n Stabbin video on my 42" Bravia LCD Widescreen tv if I invited him in? I'm sure his parents wouldn't be too pleased.

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thewolf53750d ago

these arent the most important features, but wtf, can we at least get music?, thats wht we were promised, god, phil needs come back and sho these fools how its done

acedoh3750d ago

Being in the BETA they do have a music zone with real music. Although the selections are very limited right now I can see it being like a dance floor in the future... I don't know about actual streaming of music off the harddrive...

thereapersson3750d ago

Why should we be forced to listen to what they want us to listen to? I still don't understand how streaming music off your harddrive is a security concern...

Zerodin3750d ago

Lol, Home fails.
It begins.

Deviant3750d ago

i hope ur xbox gets repaired soon and ull finally stop trolling :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I wasn't even thinking about those two things they said that might?/will be dropped!!!

No one heard of 'Copyright Laws'???
(Hmm...maybe not!!!With all this File sharing and stuff on the internet!!!) ;-D

'HOME' will be BRILLIANT!!! ;-P

POOR POOR xBot Lemmings...HOMELESS ;-D

Pain3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

jealousy is a Bad medical condition go see a Doctor.

On topic. Sharing Music / Movies taken out?
Sure its Most likey to do with "Copy rights" so meh..its a legal thing....Oh Noes!!!! but Home is still going to Be a killer Ap for PS3 Retards...err Xbots.

Just like the Kids err brainless Xbots like 1 that seem to think its the End of the World for Sony...because they Removed features.

and M$ has what? Oh Right NOTHING!!!!! Your Homeless. please shut up.

juuken3750d ago

Ha-ha, the 360's going down.
Gonna be laughing my ass off when I see some lemmings cry.

Dyingduck3750d ago

I don't why you people could complain about something that's FREE...

It's like...getting a free pen or free porn...OMFG IT SUCKS, I HATE YOU; DARN YOU BLACK BAR

If anything, complain about LIVE charging 50 USD (lol even to download "demo") STFU

KBDuB3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

You always say that you're going to get a 360.. yet, you always say you want the 360 to fail.. what the fck?

@Dyingduck - Just because something is free doesn't mean it should suck(I'm not saying HOME sucks). So what you are saying is, if you're watching porn(one of your examples), and the people weigh in at a total of 1500lbs, you're not going to complain are you? And, remember that is the ONLY video that you can get for free. You're not going to complain, eh?

juuken3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

"You always say that you're going to get a 360.. yet, you always say you want the 360 to fail.. what the fck?"

I changed my mind f*ckface and decided on a Wii indefinitely. Even if I had the 360, does that mean that I will have to kiss the very ground Microsoft stands on? Does that mean I'll have to praise Microsoft because it's the best corporation ever to exist? I'm glad I finalized my decision because I would have been a blind ass bot.

Holy sh!t, you lemmings are so damn brainwashed that it's mind boggling.

Oh, and the fat jokes are getting old...seriously. You don't know what I look like outside the internet so I suggest you take your 360, shine it up reaaaaaaal nice, and shove it up your asscrack.

I knew you would say something relating to me-you can't resist taking cheap swipes at me. It shows a lot about your character indeed.

Bots are very strange creatures...

sak5003750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Reminds of song specially written for juerkin by weird al yankovic. Not gonna name it just one verse...

"I got more chin than china town ..."

@dying duck
With juuken u can get free crablice so go ahead its free cover her face and f..k her big base.

t-0_ot-3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

"I changed my mind f*ckface and decided on a Wii indefinitely. Even if I had the 360, does that mean that I will have to kiss the very ground Microsoft stands on? Does that mean I'll have to praise Microsoft because it's the best corporation ever to exist? I'm glad I finalized my decision because I would have been a blind ass bot."

Yo, what the fck that btch be talking bout.. Ya sure as hell be layin yo fat ass down for Sony ta walk all ova ya big ass! ha

"Oh, and the fat jokes are getting old...seriously." is he gettin to ya? aww you poor baby.. you gonna go cry some more..? ha but you right.. they be gettin as old as dem rrod jokes huh.. ha

Shane Kim3749d ago

Don't mind them juuken. They are only sad that the only time they came in contact with female genitalia, was when their mothers squeezed them out.

ravinshield3749d ago

If something is not delayed its canceled.

karlostomy3749d ago

This home thing has been one debacle after another.

First a delay
then another delay
then another delay
then no video sharing
then no music sharing

will there ever be an end to the Home disappointments?

Come on Sony... wake up and smell the coffee!

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Skyreno3750d ago

yeah, sadly you can take out videos in home :( .... But really not music how can that be bad ?? dont take that out

Omega43750d ago

How could they allow "sharing music" anyway wouldnt that be the same as peer-to-peer networks like bittorrent and limewire, just think of the lawsuits

Sony really shouldnt make promises they obviously cant keep

The gaming GOD3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )


"IPTV will be available this January (2008)."

Where is Iptv now?

"We will continue to support and make games for the original xbox and won't abandon our fanbase when the 360 hits release"

Name 10 games that came out for the original xbox after the 360 came out.

"We won't abandon support of our games"

Tell me, how much support has Shadow Run had.

Goldenboy873750d ago


Seriously though M$ really let me down with SR! It was the only real competitive game on the 360 (and if someone says Halo then you really don't get good gaming). Way to totally let a community down M$!

On topic though: I think that by them axing these features is not a big deal because you will see that once they find a way to use only PSN Movie content this feature will be back on. That's a promise!