The Escapist PAX 2008: FarCry 2 Demo and Level Editor Impressions

The Escapist writes: "FarCry 2 creative director Clint Hocking gave a large crowd of PAXgoers a live look at Ubisoft's upcoming game, demoing its single-player campaign and console level editor Saturday night. Hocking began his presentation by advising the audience that he'd be playing not from a prepared demo but from an Xbox 360 production unit he'd taken straight from his Ubisoft studio.

For about 15 minutes Hocking loaded up save points and played live through apparently unscripted scenarios set in FarCry 2's African environment. They typically began in safehouses, where one of the his in-game "buddies" would issue an assignment. Hocking explained that FarCry 2 includes twelve male and female buddy characters that act as central figures in the unfolding plot. The player actually chooses to play the role of one of these characters at the outset of the story, and the remaining eleven appear in the game to be discovered and befriended as the game progresses."

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