Game Informer: Mercenaries 2 Review

The lack of tactical savvy is fitting considering the zombie-worthy AI. Venezuelan civilians can't circumnavigate abandoned vehicles, dense enemy soldiers continually take over gun emplacements where you just smoked seven guys, chopper pilots frequently dump supplies in rivers or on top of buildings, and lowly grunts sent to capture outposts loiter in the South American sun rather than securing the buildings. These soldiers should be nominated for Darwin Awards.

These nitwits ruin even the co-op experience; attacking factions with a friend is underwhelming given their feeble resistance. Furthermore, many of the vehicles don't give the passenger anything to do - you can't even shoot out the window while riding shotgun. Game Informmer suppose it's fitting that Mercs 2, like most topics bearing the weight of political posturing, is ultimately flaccid. But that doesn't stop them from expecting more.

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