Sony Showered with awards at CES

According to GamesIndustry.biz, Sony seems to have been honored with numerous awards at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Not only was the SIXAXIS awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Sony itself received the "Technology and Engineering Emmy Award" as SCEA CEO Jack Tretton stepped up with the familiar Sony ramblings we've all come to love and expect...

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calderra6407d ago (Edited 6407d ago )

"The overwhelming consumer demand..."
Anyone feel like going into all the PS3s collecting dust in their area?

And note that the main award was for SONY, not the PS3. "Sony itself received the "Technology and Engineering Emmy Award". Exploding batteries, spyware hidden on music CDs, a lost lawsuit against Immersion... yup, that deserves a Tech Emmy. EDIT: How could I forgot to mention having such massive money issues that the company had to take out a loan to make its newest big product? There's a real reason to give an award.

This isn't even Sony-bashing, really. It's bashing these awards. Why would you give this award to a company that's going through all of these issues? There have to be better choices out there- at least some company whose products aren't exploding.

Ah-well. When you live in a world where the Spike TV gaming awards are considered a serious affair... bleh. I think I'm going to boycott awards shows this year.

Juevani6407d ago

dude if you dont like the news beat it, no one wants to hear the bs you make up..

InMyOpinion6407d ago

Hes commenting on the article, that's open to anyone. I think it's interesting that the "Technology and Engineering Emmy Award", "CES Best of Innovations Award" for 2007 and "Digital Innovation Award" did'nt go to Nintendo since they have Wii written all over them. Probably cause the awards have nothing to do with gaming. Giving the Sixaxis controller an award is just silly. It's design is 7-8 years old and it's worse than it's predecessor (Ps2) since it has'nt even got rumble.

Xtrm L1481L1TY6407d ago (Edited 6407d ago )

Nice PWN!!!

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Far Cry Has Become A Shadow Of Its Former Self

Following a series of repetitive games, a formulaic approach, and a disappointing last entry, the Far Cry series has been run into the ground.

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JEECE1d 13h ago

The trouble with most criticisms of this franchise is that they insist Far Cry 3 was the best game, but the things they claim to hate about the franchise are all the elements that 3 introduced.

Deeeeznuuuts1d 13h ago

Couldn't agree with you more! I've always thought that, my personal favourite is two, the whole atmosphere, mystery, adrenaline, my vehicle steaming up because I've crashed too many times trying to escape and then getting in a shootout, having to pull a bullet out my arm while fire rages and bullets fly, can't beat it

JEECE1d 13h ago

Yep, 2 is my favorite by far as well, and one of my favorite singleplayer games of all time. It was probably one of the last games Ubisoft made before they started homogenizing their franchises to be open world collect-a-thons with unnecessary RPG mechanics tacked on. I enjoyed 3 for what it was, but it was clearly an attempt to make the franchise appeal to a mass audience (which, in fairness, was successful).

LucasRuinedChildhood1d 10h ago

That's not the issue. If Far Cry 3 never existed and they just made another 5 or 6 games that were increasingly generic copies of Far Cry 2 instead, would that make FC2 the real problem?

No. It's the lack of creativity and effort that followed that's the real issue.

And there are things that are genuinely different about FC3. Simple example - the story was easily the best. Best main villain by far too but it also has strong themes and wasn't afraid to explore controversial topics. The sequels are much blander.

Comparing the fun and creativity of Blood Dragon to the DLC in the sequels ... also says a lot about how Ubisoft fell off.

-Foxtrot1d 7h ago

Yeah like even Far Cry 4 was decent, not as great as FC3 but they still gave us an interesting story, setting and villain. Pagan Min's random calls to Ajay were pretty funny.

They just got lazier and lazier, pumping them out while making it a little more streamlined each time. I mean Jesus, they gave us a silent protagonist with FC5 which really hurt the main story and are obsessed with pleasing everyone by trying to do two characters, male and female rather than just settling on one to tell the best story they can.

neutralgamer19921d 2h ago

I started FC6 and yes the game works fine but I just wssnt Fun. Do many Ubi games are huge playgrounds but feel empty and doesn't give the feeling of a world which is lived in