Game Informer: Infinite Undiscovery Review

Despite the formulaic plot, some of the characters are endearing (a giant bear!), and several dungeons make excellent use of a multi-party mechanic that lets you put all of your ­accumulated warriors to good use. Along with its thoroughly entertaining combat mechanics, these elements help Infinite Undiscovery recover from its lack of surprises. It may not be the best game on Tri-Ace's resume, but it's still one of the best RPGs available for the 360.

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KingDizzi3698d ago

Still looks like nothing more then a side project by tri-ACE to get some extra cash for there main game which is of course Star Ocean 4

silverchode3698d ago

infinite undiscovery>too human.

sunnygrg3698d ago

Game Informer is one of the most forgiving reviewers around. Tri-Ace should work harder. They have to. I had high hopes on this one. There has been some really not-so-good JRPGs this gen.

InMyOpinion3698d ago

Game Informer seems to be pretty picky, 8/10 is a good score coming from them.

thereapersson3698d ago

It's why i've trusted them over most other magazines. And yes, 8/10 is a decent score for any game.

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solidsnakus3698d ago

i dont know but all reviewers tend to give jrpgs a low score just cause its a jrpg. i personally think lost oddysey is AAA but it got scored 8s and 7s.

LeonSKennedy4Life3698d ago

It's because nothing new is coming from them...

Apart from Persona 3, I haven't seen much innovation on that front lately...

TiberusX873698d ago

Lost Odyssey was definitely a AAA title for me.

I think that reviewers are looking more so at gameplay innovation and feel the JRPG traditions are just too outdated as i'd like to bet that if this game came out towards the 360 launch time it would have been an 8-8.5 as it is clearly better than Enchanted Arms which got a 7+

For me I like the formula and whilst I play many games and enjoy original game designs and gameplay innovations I always enjoy coming back to this formula from time to time, whilst I do appreciate the innovations from games like Eternal Sonata, Okami etc. along with Final Fantasy as it continues on year after year, as do the Reviewers/Critics and thats why they still get high 8-9+ scores.

Not all reviewers appreciate the old school formula any more and you will find games which use this formula, there scores will slowly drop each year.

On the other hand you can take the risk like too human and mess it up and get an even worse score for an RPG which was supposed to have alot of new innovations to it.

Either way, I say if you enjoyed Lost Odyssey and appreciate the old school JRPG formula you'll enjoy this game no matter what. If I can enjoy enchanted arms I can enjoy nearly any JRPG.

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