Here's When Breath of the Wild Could Take Place in the Zelda Timeline

Andres from Twinfinite writes, "The subtitles for Legend of Zelda games typically refer to an important character, object, or concept tied to the game's plot. Breath of the Wild, however, is a much more abstract title. Referring to the Wild in the title already gives the intonation of where you'll be spending much of your time in the game, but the Breath accentuates how the creators want it to be living, breathing. What, then, would be more terrifying than to watch the land that has been your life support be smothered by the seas?"

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Zeldafan642530d ago

I think this is set 100 years after Skyward Sword. There were robots in Skyward Sword and they look like they could have been a precursor to the guardians in Breath of the Wild.

wonderfulmonkeyman2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

That's a nice theory, but it doesn't take all of the other things into account that would indicate this is after Wind Waker, instead.[or Phantom Hourglass, or Spirit Tracks]

Bare with me, because here's the evidence:
Link's now-iconic blue tunic is reminiscent of the blue shirt he got in Wind Waker.
Koroks appear, and they're confirmed to be the "evolved" form of the Kokiri that ONLY appeared in Wind Waker as a result of the world being flooded.
Rock Salt appears in the game, with the description that it came from "an ancient sea".
Bokoblins are back, and Chuchu's are too.
The Old Man bears a striking resemblance to Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, AKA, The King of Red Lions.

My theory; After Phantom Hourglass, the Link and Zelda of that era finally did find and found a "new Hyrule", which led into Spirit Tracks.
However, at some point in the past, something happened which led to Ganon overpowering the Master Sword's sealing after over a hundred years.
Perhaps the Master Sword was removed from the now-stone Ganon at the bottom of the sea, and when that happened, he was revived.
That, or his spirit escaped from the stone imprisonment.
Either way, this would also explain why the MS's blade is chipped, rusted, and weak-looking, and Aonuma mentioned that there IS a storyline reason attached to its appearance, so it'd make sense; Ganon breaking free, or being broken free, of the MS's sealing power caused it to be damaged.

After that, I would assume that either the sea drained and re-revealed Hyrule after Ganon somehow got ahold of the Triforce once more, or the new land that was found [and eventually became New Hyrule] in Spirit Tracks was besieged by Calamity Ganon either a hundred years prior to Spirit Tracks, or a hundred years afterwards.

My bet, however, is on afterwards, as this would explain how technology has become prevalent; advancements from the steam train age, combined, maybe, with some discoveries from deep-sea exploration of Old Hyrule, eventually ended up creating magi-tech golems like the Guardians and objects of power like the Sheikah Slate.

Side note: Ganon's new name, Calamity Ganon, could be very indicative towards the storyline itself; what else, other than a Calamity on the scale of Ganon in full evil spirit mode, could possibly erode the Master Sword and bring an entire Kingdom to ruin over the course of a mere 100 years?