PcAdvisor: Infinite Undiscovery Review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"In the end, Infinite Undiscovery isn't a bad game but it is flawed. I'd recommend renting it before you invest your hard earned cash on a purchase, especially if you're new to the RPG genre. Who knows - you might just find something innovative enough to hook you and keep you coming back."

"Oh, what could have been! An RPG with this kind of pedigree should have been something Xbox 360 owners could be proud of; instead, Infinite Undiscovery disappoints and is yet more proof that the 360 needs more quality RPGs and fast. Keep your fingers crossed, 360 fans, that Final Fantasy XIII delivers the goods."

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Sez 3700d ago

did they really review this game. because i could swear that the same thing this reviewer says in his review. is the same thang that was said in a gamepro review.

GiantEnemyCrab3700d ago

It is the exact same review. Report as duplicate.

Nevers3700d ago

and stuck a new header on the top... totally lazy crap; but they did give the author (Will Herring) credit.