Toshiba Unveils 51GB HD DVD

Toshiba continues to improve HD DVD storage capacity. At the HD DVD Promotion Group's press conference this evening, the company announced it has developed 51GB triple-layer rewritable and ROM media.

This capacity is up from the company's previous explorations of a higher-capacity 45GB triple-layer disc. Currently, HD DVD maxes out at a 30GB dual-layer disc. This capacity is 1GB greater than rival Blu-ray Disc, which tops out at 50GB.

The company spoke in terms of getting the disc approved as part of the HD DVD spec by the end of 2007.

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TheMART5235d ago

Where are you now mate?

Come again with your endless stupid posts about only capacity between BR and HD-DVD!

See the overall picture now? HD-DVD already was better on quality (not watching only your Spiderman copy on both drives) and now your last 'real' fact for BR has been pwned also.

HD-DVD for the lead I say

GAMER_4_Life5235d ago

I find this very amazing for HD DVD so whats wrong with ya??

Marty83705235d ago

Blu-ray does'nt top out at 50Gb,TDK has developed 200Gb Blu-ray discs.

Juevani5235d ago

Blue Ray is best, end of disscution..

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The story is too old to be commented.