Blend Games Preview: Fallout 3

Blend Games writes: "Picture the classic Fallout series turned into a free-roaming, action-RPG; that's exactly what Fallout 3 is. First or third-person view, a detailed create a character and more weapons at your disposal than a Rambo movie all make up for Bethesda's highly anticipated sequel.

Some games are hyped up for the sake sales, other games receive the hype because the gamers just can't get enough of it. Fallout 3 is the kind of game that falls into the second category; where the history of the series speaks for this upcoming game's current popularity. And just like previous games in the series, the story centers around a player-created character, with the interactive world unfolding around the custom avatar. Players will modify seven aptitudes and choose up to three special skill traits out of a total of 14 selectable traits. Most traits are often helpful in a number ways, while other traits prove to be comically morbid or grotesquely entertaining with the results they produce. For instance, a long-standing skill trait in the Fallout series has been 'bloody mess'. This skill trait enables the common occurrence of player enemies to die in gory, unsightly ways."

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