Nevermind Never Officially Confirmed for Rock Band DLC

If you are like 1UP, one of the things you were most excited about was when Harmonix announced Nevermind from Nirvana as a full downloadable ablum on Rock Band. There's just one problem, Harmonix never said such a thing.

In a day and age where news is reported in split second blog posts, a lot of times things get taken out of context. Rock Band 2 was on display at a certain social gathering tonight, and Harmonix Community Manager Sean Baptiste was there. According to Baptiste, they never specifically announced Nevermind would be available, it was simply given as an example of classic albums that could appear on the service.

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strotee3724d ago

Don't be so hard on the guy, Drekken. It's apparent militant07 is not from the US or were in diapers in the early 90's. :)

Drekken3724d ago

LOL - I know I am hard on a lot of people. I know he isnt from US, but I wasnt being hard on him. Just letting him know where the crazy wacked out pic is from.

Mr_Kuwabara3724d ago

Nirvana's greatest album.

Jamegohanssj53724d ago

Finally, now release With Teeth, Year Zero, or Downward Spiral and we will be good to go.


xionpunk3724d ago

"So it looks like you and four of your buddies won't be jamming out to the best Nirvana song ever (that's Drain You in case you didn't know)"

Hells yeah, drain you is a kick ass song with some of the best freakin lyrics ever. Nice to see someone not give the standard answer of smells like teen spirit as the best Nirvana song.

KrisXX3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

read the header way too fast, got excited that it was confirmed.