Worms Arcade screens

CVG captured six screenshots from the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade edition of Worms, which landed on their debug machine last week.
As you can see from the pics the Live Arcade version is using the most hi-res of hi-res artwork to bring the strategy-blaster up to speed, with weapons and gameplay based on vanilla Worms 2.
There's no official word on when retail Xbox Live will be graced with Worm-y goodness, but seeming as it's arrived on the debug network we're assuming we don't have long to wait.

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calderra5241d ago

Will certainly be buying this. I love Worms!

Shadow Flare5241d ago

This looks exactly like Worms: Open Warfare on PSP. But thats good cos that was a good game. I'd like to get this one on arcade. Worms rocks!

zonetrooper55241d ago

Have you played the PC version of Worms?

They were so awesome!

The Snake5241d ago

I still think Worms 2 for PC was the best.

MaximusPrime5241d ago

if this game has online feature then that will be awesome. Playing against people you dont know and less likely getting hit many times by your brother...