AMD planning to raise FX brand from the dead

Ars Technica: If current rumors are true, AMD could be planning to relaunch its "FX" brand of Athlon/Phenom processors by mid-2009. In years past, FX was the designation AMD gave to the cutting-edge, high-premium CPUs and/or platforms it brought to market. If, for example, the most expensive standard Athlon 64 was a 2.4GHz part for $299, the corresponding FX CPU would be a 2.6GHz part at $999. At first, the FX chips consistently dominated their Intel counterparts, but as Santa Clara first regained competitive parity and then overtook AMD entirely, the FX series vanished from the smaller company's roadmap, and has never made an appearance on a Phenom-class processor. Now, however, there are rumors that AMD may revive the brand with Shanghai, and launch an FX part by the summer of 2009.

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