Pachter Increases Annual Industry Growth Estimates

Edge writes: "Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter is expecting the US and European videogame markets to record greater annual sales growth than previously predicted, and has revised his yearly forecasts accordingly in a new investor note.

"We have significantly raised our estimates for 2008 videogame software sales growth in the US (to +32% from +19%) and in Europe (to +40% from +20%)," he wrote."

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TheHater3750d ago

And in two weeks, Patch will change his guess again. I can't believe this guy get payed to make this crappy guesses when most fanboy on this site will do a better job than him

ChickeyCantor3750d ago

actually he is getting payed for the RESEARCH he does, not really for giving his "guess".

Voiceofreason3750d ago

When did "Paid" get cut from the English language? 5th time today I've seen someone use "Payed" instead of "Paid".

ChickeyCantor3749d ago

It's a typo, voice, don't break your head over it.

chaosatom3750d ago

with games like LBP, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, resistance, gears, mirrors' edge, call of duty, motorstorm, socom, I could have told u that!!

TheHater3750d ago

you forgot Fable 2, and Prince of Persia