Gates Claims Victory for Xbox 360

At his CES keynote last night, Microsoft boss Bill Gates said his company is winning the console war, and that consoles are winning the battle for supremacy in the living room. Plus: IPTV news , hardware sales and GoW numbers...

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andy capps5233d ago

"Speaking on the console wars, Gates told an interviewer prior to his speech, "It's a complete reversal of last time. Last time, we tried coming in a year late with a big, clunky box that cost more and having less titles. We tried that and it's not that much fun." He added, "Sony is our most direct competitor. Our goal was to not be Sony, not be a big box, not be expensive.''"

And people say Sony is arrogant... I didn't think Gates would go that low. Let's see, PS1, PS2, and PS3 combine for over what 250 million consoles sold. Xbox and Xbox 360 combine for what less than 40 million consoles sold? I'd doubt Sony is worried at this point.

MikeMichaels5233d ago gotta love a company who can run a division for 6+ years, never turn a profit EVER and then go around telling people they won something.

r10005233d ago

C'mon it's microsoft.... the self proclaimed ruler of the world


calderra5233d ago

Xbox DID turn a profit right around the release of Halo 2, for those who missed it.

And with all the PS3s confirmed to be not flying off the shelves already (local Gamestop has ahd 6 for a week), while both Xbox 360 and Wii were (and are) still selling at breakneck speeds during the same period after launch (same Gamestop still sells out Wii in minutes)...

MikeMichaels5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago ) the end of the orignal xbox's life MS posted over 4 Billion in losses for the division.

No, they never turned a profit.

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The story is too old to be commented.