PlayStation.Blog » Resistance 2 Collector's Edition revealed plus new Public Beta info

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"Hey everyone, we're very happy to share some news today about our upcoming collector's edition version of Resistance 2, as well as shed some light on the long-anticipated Public Beta program.

First up: the collector's edition – everyone at Insomniac and Sony is excited to be bringing this special edition of the game to participating retailers. You voted on the cover for the game disc inside the box, but what else will you get inside?"

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butterfinger3751d ago

I can't wait for the beta. I think I'll go pre-order my collector's edition at Gamestop today:)

cahill3751d ago

In fact in europe it will easily outsell all other games this Fall on any console barring Motorstorm 2 (m1 sold 2m in europe even to a launch base of 3m ps3 owners. M2 will easily reach 3-5m lifetime in europe)

cant believe that SONY hasnt announced a release date for europe.

Just to let others be reminded that PS3 is the second best selling as well SECOND MOST SOLD console in the PAL /EU territory

PS3 sells almost as good as the wii in europe /PAL region despite having 2x the pricepoint

Resistance 1 sold 2m in PAL region. We can expect R2 to sell 2x/3x as much since the base of ps3 would be 2x/3x as much by december 2008 (compared to dec 2007)

IzKyD13313751d ago

I kind of agree with cahill, Sony has to put Europe in the same priority as North America

Montrealien3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I can agree with the fact that Resistance 2 will sell well, it should be a great game by a proven Dev I really really like. And I can`t wait to try out the Beta, should be soon :D

but Cahill predictions?


Remember when you sent me this PM Nasim?

This is a copy from his PM, before MGS4 came out,

(MGS4 will easily outsell GTA4 on OPENING DAY Sales considering the fact that it will sell 2m in europe on launch day and a definitive 1m at launch day in JAPAN )

BulletToothtony3751d ago

don't go to gamestop yet, i got back from there about an hour ago, they didn't have the Collector's Edition in their system yet.

So i'm gonna go back next week i think... save your gas.. they haven't updated their system yet.

I did buy transformers on bluray while i was out thou.. awesome sound but a little grainy on backgrounds.. still looks great.

butterfinger3751d ago

Thanks, I'll call Gamestop tomorrow or something. I actually picked up Transformers last week when I noticed a Best Buy near me broke the release date:) I think I was actually more impressed by the Nightmare Before Christmas:P

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juuken3751d ago

...*pulls out the plastic*
I'm getting this hands down.

3751d ago
cahill3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

definitely R2 is the biggest and the baddest shooter this Fall on any console


R2 will outsell Gears 2 2;1/3;1 in europe.
It will outsell Gears2 in worldwide sales. It will create new sales and review records

R2 is the biggest and the baddest shooter this year

60 0player online
8 player co-op
2 SP mode
4x the scale as Gears 2
300 feet bosses

vs 10 player online
no color in the game
2 player co-op
40 feet bosses

juuken3751d ago


Montrealien3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I can`t wait for resistance, nothing but great ahooters this fall on all fronts. And I must agree Juuken, this whole gangster nerd thing is getting kinda retarded, lol

And Cahill, let`s make this a little interesting. ok?

Cahill said...

(R2 will outsell Gears 2 2;1/3;1 in europe.
It will outsell Gears2 in worldwide sales. It will create new sales and review records)

If you are wrong, you cancel all 78 accounts. :D

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Sevir043751d ago

I was seriously on the fence about the collectors edition but damn thats really impressive especially about the graphic novel and the bullseye figure i cant wait.

i'm gonna pre order this baby when i get off work. resistance 2 is going to be awesome

cahill3751d ago

after seeing all those goodies i must say that he who doesnt preorder the CE shouldnt call himself a gamer

badz1493751d ago

this might be the 1st CE/SE/LE of anything that I'll get my hands on! hell I love R:FoM, I love Insomniac's Games, I love Insomniac and I think I'll have this CE preordered!!

cemelc3751d ago

This game is going to wipeout the competition, damn if i werent saving for this xmas money, i would buy the quore episode so i could play resistance 2 beta myself.

The collector’s edition looks terrific(ill be preordering this baby).

WorseCase3751d ago

cover is ugly.. but still getting it

Lucreto3751d ago

It is the standard European cover and it was voted the winner in the IGN competition so a lot of people must of liked it.

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