Captain America To Cross New Lines In Multiple Game Titles

Disney Interactive has announced that Captain America will be appearing in new versions of their mobile games and will cross various games and platforms in doing so.

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FallenAngel1984842d ago

So he'll cross many lines except into the console field? We could use another Captain America game.

Also I thought Disney Interactive was dismantled.

Garethvk841d ago

Doesnt look that way as this was sent directly from them. I believe they are still around but much of the production is going to be done by licensing agreement with outside developers.

Godmars290841d ago

More miffed about the shield change than the whole Hydra deal.

"We could use another Captain America game."

Need to be more superhero games period rather than COD clones.

Garethvk841d ago

It is just sad how bad most Super Hero based games have been over the years.