The Escapist Review: Fable II Pub Games

The Escapist writes: "Much like Communism or an Indiana Jones sequel, the premise of Fable II: Pub Games sounds fantastic in theory. As a collection of three gambling mini-games found in Lionhead's upcoming RPG opus, Fable II, Pub Games serves as both a preview of what's to come and an opportunity to get a head start on your Albion bank account. So naturally, it goes without saying that if you're not particularly interested in Fable II, this Xbox Live Arcade promo tool will capture little, if any of your curiosity. Unfortunately for those who worship at the altar of Molyneux, the games themselves aren't particularly interesting outside the context of Fable II. Furthermore, they also don't seem like a viable way to fatten your soon-to-be avatar's pockets. That is, of course, unless you're cheating."

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