The Escapist PAX 2008: Dead Space Hands-On Preview

The Escapist writes: "EA Redwood shores gave us some hands-on time with a private demo of Dead Space, their upcoming science fiction horror title. The game's story is set in the distant future, when humans have tapped all of Earth's resources and now mine the galaxy with giant, planet-destroying spaceships known as "planet crackers." The game's protagonist, a miner named Isaac Clarke, finds himself aboard one such ship, the Ishimura, after responding to a distress beacon.

Things aboard the Ishimura aren't so good. The ship (and the bodies of its doomed inhabitants) have been overrun by a hostile alien species, the Necromorphs. Isaac's fortunate that he's not an accountant, because the tools of his mining trade - including a flame torch, energy cutters, and a remote-control sawblade shooter - just happen to double as effective weapons."

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