If May Didn't Sentence Your Wallets To Death With Video Game Releases, Q1 2017 Surely Will

Following a jam-packed May 2016, the first quarter of next year is looking to be even worse, to the benefit of none. Q1 2017 is just insane.

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KaiPow2460d ago

Valentine's Day is going to be a day I've gotta figure out how to make the wallet and the GF happy.

Repjaws2460d ago

Welp sucks to be you mate.Since I can't hold a job or satisfy any woman in my life,I don't have to worry about that kinda stuff.So lifes good...haha...ha....ha

Relientk772460d ago

There's so many games I want 0_0

Horizon Zero Dawn
Yooka Laylee
Persona 5
Nier: Automata
Tales of Berseria

For Honor? Maybe

phoenixwing2460d ago

I have the same list pretty much. Gonna be hard to get them all, i'll probably only buy a few. I need to support the tales series above the others because i like the direction of being a pirate out for revenge which is better than their usual storyline.

Alexious2460d ago

For Honor is going to be great. Also can't wait for Mass Effect Andromeda!

phoenixwing2460d ago

Almost forgot about it. I'll reserve judgement on that until i see some gameplay.

Chris_Wray2460d ago

Already preordered Collectors Editions of a few games for next year, but Horizon will be the one in the first quarter. There are other games, but then again, the first quarter is three months so hopefully they'll be spread around a bit.

Antnee5342460d ago

The thing is I don't know how I'm making it through October this year
World of ff vita
Dq builders vita
Titanfall 2
Battlefield 1
Mafia 3
Wwe 2k17
Last guardian
Playstation vr
Rigs vr
That's all in october I think lol.
Then I'm getting p5 and horizon in February

Chevalier2460d ago

That literally is a killer list.

The Last Guardian
World of FF
DQ Builder

OldGuyStillGaming2460d ago

I've made the mistake in the past of preordering and buying every new release that interested me during September-November and it was a huge mistake because there was only one game that really kept me entertained and I pretty much ignored the others.

My advice: buy two and hold off on the others at a later time unless you have absolutely all the time in the world to play games 24/7

Salooh2460d ago

If you don't have time to play just make sure that you always have money to buy at least two games incase you see your self free and willing to play.

Also if you have friends who play online, buy every game they actually planning to play together so that you always have the chance to play with them.

GTgamer2460d ago

U wild I still gotta finish my backlog from 2 years ago :( I keep buying more games and never finishing the others :( (we call this Good Problems)

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The story is too old to be commented.