Ranking the 5 Xbox Exclusives of 2016 So Far

The Xbox One may not have had the most exclusives this year, but it had a some good ones.

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aneeler1616d ago

Oh man the KI dream. One of the best fighters out right now, hands down.

Kingthrash3601616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Thats Not an exclusive game....none of them let call theme console exclusives for the sake of accuracy. Also KI is a 2013 game not tired of the truth bending.
DLC isn't a game it's just content
Exclusive means only on a console and no where else.
Edit let me correct myself u was at work when I wrote this comment...
Exclusive means it's only on the thing that's on subject...and no where else. Darth you know this.... exclusives are exclusives multiplat are muliplat. ..every game on that list is multiplat.

Darth you were so deep in the meaning of exclusives you commented this:

Orejillz1616d ago

Well Microsoft has liked to play with that word a lot in recent years. These are console or platform exclusives, because Xbox One doesn't have much in the way of true exclusives anymore.

darthv721616d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

@thrash, "Exclusive means only on a console and no where else."... exclusive does not mean that and you know it. Quit trying to bend the meaning of things to your liking.

@thrash, thanks for pointing out the obvious. That is very much a possibility because the base unit would be lacking the ability to have the enhanced features and content that is available on the neo. My comment is correct in the use of "exclusive" yours however is not. you can't magically make something appear on a lesser model if it lacks the ability to display it ergo it would be exclusive to the more powerful unit.

A game that is being released to a family of systems can be both multiplat AND exclusive. Again, the right use of the word. yours... still is not. A game made for the PS3, PS Vita and PS4 is both multiplat as well as exclusive to Sony just as a game made for W10 and Xbox can be both multiplat as well as exclusive to MS.

Get over it dude, you lost. Now change the record.

sammarshall1021616d ago

I'm so mad that I bought these Xbox One games not knowing they wouldn't work on my console because they are also on Windows 10


ziggurcat1616d ago

Ori is also not a 2016 game...

Gaming_Cousin1616d ago

Wow thats a pretty sad list. Especially since they took a game from last year as their #1

Kiwi661616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

So does that mean that any game thats on console/pc cannot be called an exclusive anymore regardless of which console it is and therefore people shouldn't include them in lists ..... @BlackTar no i'm talking about all games past or future

BlackTar1871616d ago

Kiwi you talking about 1 game? SF5?

andrewsquall1616d ago

Don't forget each of the MASSIVE 8 character "Seasons" of this game were 40 quid each. So what, you have to spend over 100 quid since this game came out to finally get a character count over 20?
Yeah, 2 and a half years later and I'm still saying they should have just released a REAL Killer Instinct game for the fans after 20 years of nothing. A team experienced in fighting games and basic understanding of human like animations would have been nice too.

BattleAxe1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

@ Kingthrash360

"That's Not an exclusive game....none of them let call theme console exclusives"

Well you're not playing any of them anyway, right? Most of the PlayStation folk on here more than likely don't have gaming PCs, so whether a game is console exclusive or not is really besides the point. Just for the sake of accuracy, let's start to call these exclusives what they really are....Microsoft exclusives! Or we can also call them "Games that PlayStation Owners can't Play on their PlayStation Consoles".

It's also important to point out, that most of PlayStation's so-called exclusives are also on PC. Of course I'm referring to almost all of the "console exclusive" indie games that are also on Steam, including No Man's Sky, and other PS4 console exclusives like Street Fighter 5, Umbrella Corps, Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, Death Stranding, Shenmue 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake. I could also list a crap-ton of Japanese games which nobody's ever heard of, that are also "console exclusive". PlayStation isn't too much different from Microsoft after all!

moegooner881615d ago

Lool at all your disagrees. Facts don't sit well with fanboys.

starchild1615d ago

They are still Microsoft exclusives. Still exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox consoles.

"Exclusive" does not, as some misinformed people believe, mean that something is "available on only one platform". That is a misunderstanding or a deliberate distortion of the meaning of the word.

The word "exclusive" simply defines and delineates a limitation of availability. An exclusive club, for example, does not refer to a club that only one person has access to, it simply means it is not open to everyone. (In that particular example it also carries the connotation of being expensive).

In essence the word helps us describe what is included and what is excluded. It should be noted that "exclusive" is an adjective which is related to the verb "to exclude". gives the following three principle definitions:

not admitting of something else; incompatible:

omitting from consideration or account

limited to the object or objects designated"

Notice it does not say 'limited to only one object', it says "limited to the object or OBJECTS designated". So, when someone says that a game is "exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox consoles" they are in fact using the word correctly. It means that the game is only available on Windows 10 and Xbox and excludes all other platforms not listed.

So, yes, Xbox consoles still have exclusives where it matters. These games are fully exclusive within the console space. You can't play them on any other console.

starchild1615d ago


Oh, one more thing. The words "multiplatform" and "exclusive" are not opposites as you seem to think. A game can be both multiplatform (to certain platforms) and exclusive (to certain platforms).

The word "multiplatform" does not mean that a game is available on all platforms. And the word "exclusive" does not mean that a game is only available on one platform.

I'll give a few examples.

A game may be available on the PS3, PS4 and Vita and rightly be called "multiplatform", since it is available on more than one platform. But it can also correctly be referred to as a "Sony exclusive", since it is only found on Sony platforms.

Another game might be found on Windows, Mac and Linux and therefor be referred to as a "multiplatform" game, but it would still be correct to refer to it as a "PC exclusive" since it is only found on personal computers and not on consoles.

Similarly, a game may only be available on Windows 10 and Xbox and we could call it "multiplatform", but at the same time we could correctly refer to it as a "Microsoft exclusive" or "exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox".

So, you're completely wrong. The words "exclusive" and "multiplatform" are not mutually exclusive. A game can be be both exclusive and multiplatform at the same time. Please quit bastardizing the English language to suit your fanboy agenda.

Kingthrash3601615d ago

It's funny how people simply can't except things for what they are.
article doesn't say Microsoft exclusive. ...says xbox.
MS don't even call the games exclusive anymore.
They say : " Available on Windows 10 and Xbox One"

darthv721615d ago

Sorry thrash but i seem to recall seeing a few games that had the statement "Windows 10 and Xbox One Exclusive" at E3. Were you not paying attention? Oh that's right, you don't see the things that others see. You see what you want to see.

Like how if it says Xbox it somehow is not the same as Microsoft even though they could be interchangeable like Playstation is with Sony.

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Genuine-User1616d ago

My top 3:

Ori and the blind forest
Halo 5
Sunset overdrive

ninsigma1616d ago

take out halo 5 and put in either halo mcc or gears ultimate edition. That would be my top 3. Halo 5 just really disappointed for me.

1616d ago
sammarshall1021616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Quantum Break is awesome and the content updates to KI and Halo 5 have been too

The rest of the year is stacked with Gears 4, Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Recore

Orejillz1616d ago

I can't wait for Forza and Recore personally.

1616d ago
Aenea1616d ago

And Ori is a 2015 game, KI is just a new season...

So only 3 console exclusives this year so far?

Gaming_Cousin1616d ago

They also put Ori as their #1 game

ninsigma1616d ago

It's so good it transcends years xD
Are they talking about the definitive edition perhaps??

Aenea1616d ago

They are, but it still originally came out in 2015. If they release "Ori: the almost final edition" in 2017 do they count it again?

starchild1615d ago

Well, to be fair, I saw lots of people putting The Last of Us Remastered on exclusives lists, even though it's essentially the same game as the original that released previously on PS3.

Aenea1615d ago

Fair enough, but at least a remaster means that the game wasn't available on that platform before, while Ori's definitive edition is more like a GOTY with some more content...

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Utalkin2me1616d ago

That pretty much sums it up. But hey to each to their own.

ninsigma1615d ago

Thought so. Yeah I agree it is a 2015 game. It's not like it's a remake or anything so including it is a bit silly.

Chevalier1615d ago

Guess we should call all season passes 'new' games and pad list from now on. New seasons of MOBA with new characters and maps in Paragon, Smite, Battleborn and Overwatch will be considered 'new' games. Love Overwatch and Smite, look forward to the 'new' game and experience.

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OldGuyStillGaming1616d ago

I still have 2014 and 2015 games I'm trying to catch up on

I played a few hours of QB and it's pretty good, I enjoyed the live action cutscenes.

I have such a deep backlog it's ridiculous

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