Imprudence Begins

Second Life user Jacek Antonelli has announced a new, user-interface oriented project called Imprudence as a major fork of the Second Life viewer. Citing difficulties and delays within Linden Lab's own development and quality assurance pathways, Antonelli and McCabe Maxsted have created the basis for a community effort to rework the viewer's user-interface.

'The Second Life Viewer suffers from a stifling atmosphere of non-change. This atmosphere emanates from Linden Lab, whose attitudes and policies discourage all but the smallest and most superficial improvements. This is the result of the nature of Linden Lab as a corporation,' they write, listing lack of resources, burdensome QA that punishes change, and a paying customer-base that actively resists alterations.

Antonelli and Maxsted believe that a community project can overcome all of these obstacles -- and that if users do not choose to attempt it, the status will continue to remain pretty much quo for the foreseeable future.

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JohnnyMann4203750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )


This all sounds fine and dandy but what changes or additions etc are you wishing the current viewer had? Most viewer options coincide with the Server Code as well so are you discussing Open Sim additions?

Personally SL in a browser (as if that is possible) would be the only non LL viewer I would be interested in.

Your manifesto spends more time complaining on issues you have against LL rather than tell users what you bring to the table.

If you think a better interface is bringing something to the table then you are sorely mistaken when it comes to a true “SL-er”

You need to bring features and functionality that the current browser doesn’t have.

Of course then you are stuck because features and functionality are Server Side, not viewer side.

I know I am not being imaginative here, but I guess what I mean is this.

Is your viewer going to bring HTML on a prim? (not the media HTML..actual HTML)Make new code (not yet implemented) work?

No, because you need the server to have these features implemented before the viewer can use them.

Once/If openSim takes off… perhaps you could implement the ideas in open source simulators… otherwise I think you will just end up with your stanard viewer with a prettier layout and honestly “SL-ers” really couldn’t care-less about that.