5 Reasons why you should upgrade to PS4 Neo

While Microsoft introduced Project Scorpio during its media briefing, Sony’s Andrew House made it official the Japanese platform holder is working on a new and more powerful console based on PlayStation 4, something that is said to provide hardcore gamers with technologically high end performances.

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Kingthrash3602947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Im interested, I just need to get more info on it....I need to see the
Price, design, new features and memory size. Then I'll know for sure if it's a day 1 for me. Same with the scorpio, I need more info.

darthv722947d ago

I don't need 5 reasons. Only 1 will suffice... I just want one.

Sayai jin2947d ago

@darthv72, agreed. That's all the reason one needs.

nveenio2947d ago

I'm currently having issues with shutdown/startup on my PS4, which is a replacement sent to me after my original, launch version suffered the disc eject issue. I'm hoping it hangs on long enough that, if it does fail, I can just grab the Neo, as I'd rather not buy a standard PS4 and then a Neo in the same year or be without a PS4 in the interim.

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starchild2947d ago

If it were available right now I would buy it immediately. Being able to enjoy all my current and future PS4 games with smoother framerates and possibly enhanced graphics is something I would love. I really hope it will allow for a solid 60fps in games and still have some power left over for things like improved anti-aliasing, texture filtering and shadow quality.

jznrpg2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I was planning to buy a slim anyway, I always do because my wife and daughter end up wanting to use my console even though my son has one as well(maybe it os his smelly room?), they always want to use mine. I also buy another console for travel. So I may end up buying 1 for myself at home, 1 for travel , 1 for my son, and give my wife and daughter the original PS4 :P

Stupid2947d ago

Well, i wish to play God of War at 4K monitor, so let do it

Underworld2947d ago

Nah, I'm good with my current PS4. The games already look beautiful on it, and I can't wait for Horizon and God of War. And I don't have a 4k TV anyway and I won't be getting one for quite a while.

I really worry that we will start to see Neo exclusives eventually or the original PS4 versions of games will suffer. I still personally don't like these mid-gen upgrades. More than happy with how the current console generation cycle works.

lokirevamped2947d ago

I don't have a 4k TV either. I am hoping for locked 1080p\60 FPS.

jessionpc2947d ago

It is locked 1080p 60 fps. Horizon Zero Dawn 60 fps gameplay at E3 proved this. The Neo was specifically designed to push 900p 30 fps back to 1080p 60 fps.

Could it change? Of course. Why?... Because consumers are immensely thoughtless and stupid. They will see 4Tflops and stick their nose up in favor of a 6tflop console, even though it's the same in engine settings just pushing it to 4k 30fps instead of 1080p 60 fps. And because of that stupidity, Sony may bow to their own fear and in the end Neo MAY be pushed to 6flops as well, and then we'll be forced to cater to a minority display market at 30 fps, instead of the majority at 60.

And as a tester myself, and a mutli year 4k users, I'd pick 1080p 60fps any day of my life over 4k30. And so would any other honest reviewer. Diminishing returns at 1080p is high, and although going to 4k definitively makes games look better, it's NOWHERE near the jump from 720p to 1080p. Maybe 25% at BEST. Where as the difference between 30 and 60 fps is fkn night and day.

NOBODY except a moron/fanboy/payed off reviewer would argue in favor of what Scorpio is doing, "Remember, BOTH companies said these consoles are designed to work in tangent with the current gen platform. Which makes sense, you're an immediate retard if you think they will forsake 20/40 million users and ALL consumer trust just to sell a new higher common denomonator upgrade.

Fact -> The only benefit Scorpio will be, is that it will finally be a more mainstream reason for entertainment lovers across the modern world to adopt 4k, and make it a standard sooner.

medman2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I have a 4k oled, and I'm hoping for 1080p@60fps from Neo, with upscaling to 1440p or 4k as a choice given to gamers in the menus. For Scorpio, I'm hoping for 1440p@60fps or 4k@30fps with downsampling to 1080p@60fps (or greater) if gamers want that. I would prefer a choice.

Also looking forward to 4k blu ray from these machines, and hopefully Sony will support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, whereas Microsoft looks to be supporting HDR10 only. Dolby Atmos capability from the Neo and Scorpio would be great also, but I'm not holding my breath. I think the Scorpio will have Atmos capabilities, I'm not sure the Neo will though.

Goldby2947d ago

Just an FYI Medman, Any Xbox One games wont have increased FPS when played on Scorpio. an article was released over the weekend about that

starchild2947d ago

It's true that a lot of the exclusives do look beautiful on the PS4 already, but some of the multiplats don't run too well or have image quality issues. Wouldn't it be cool to play all those amazing looking games at 60fps and with even better graphical quality? And be able to get better quality in the multiplats as well?

Just something to think about. If you're happy with your PS4 then that's fine. I honestly believe Sony will not allow exclusives on the Neo. The only time the Neo will likely get games that are not shared with PS4 is once the PS5 comes out.

RetroStory2947d ago

What? What multiplats "don't run to well"? I'm not trying to be an ass here, I'm seriously curious. Because with my experience on the ps4 every multiplat has been great.

Inzo2947d ago

Finally, an honest response. I will also be sticking with my current PS4 probably until the PS5 comes rolling around. For me its getting expensive to game and when you are a family man you cant just run out and buy what ever is new on the market. The fact is most people on this site who are so eager to say "day one buy" just dont know how expensive this is going to be, add to that PSVR. Also, Brexit is going to have some sort of impact on South Africas gaming market with our currency falling to the Dollar and Pound and judging from some of the responses on this site, people are not taking this into account.

"I really worry that we will start to see Neo exclusives eventually or the original PS4 versions of games will suffer."

Sony has already stated that the PS4 will get its full support through out the cycle, even saying that some PS4 games might not make it to the Neo.

medman2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Great looking games are coming to the ps4. It feels like what is happening is those gamers who have no intention of buying a Neo, or can't afford to, don't like the idea that they will not be getting the very best version of the games they will play. It's understandable for people to feel that way. Nobody likes to feel like the shiny new thing they recently bought is becoming somewhat obsolete so quickly.

I'm of the opinion that if these console manufacturers are going to do mid-generation refreshes, why not make the consoles better? I like the fact that I will have a choice if I want to upgrade. Now, maybe the way I feel is colored by the fact that indeed I fully intend to purchase a Neo and a Scorpio....maybe I would feel differently if buying new tech was not an option for me. I think any situation like this is probably going to split gamers between those who will buy and those who won't or can't buy, for whatever reason.

No Way2947d ago

Wait, so all games will be on the PS4 but not all games will be on the Neo? Then why would one want to upgrade, or are they assuming most people will buy the Neo and have a PS4?

Inzo2946d ago

@No Way
Just remember, there are 40 million PS4s sold and I dont think that the Neo will come even close to those numbers so it wont make sense to not have the PS4 still be the primary console.

medman2947d ago

I don't think you'll ever see Neo exclusives simply because the install base of the ps4 will always be much greater than the Neo. In all honesty, I think 3 years from now, Sony will start talking about PS5.

What I do think will happen is that the Neo versions of games will run much better if the devs optimize properly for that console, they will also look much better....that could really displease original ps4 owners who even though the games on ps4 will look and run well, the ps4 games will obviously be a few steps behind the Neo, which will be difficult to swallow for some of those gamers.

RetroStory2947d ago

Right there with you. I understand wanting to compete or stay up to date with technology, especially with how fast it moves. But one of the many reasons I prefer consoles to PC is for the 5-6 year shelf life. I know I will get a great gaming experience for my $350-$500 for that long.

If I'm that concerned with graphics and "flops" (which seem to be the new "bits") maybe I should consider PC gaming.

gums0072947d ago

Sucks to suck. Don't worry, one day you will get a job and be able to afford nice things.

Inzo2946d ago

Says the guy who's daddy pays for everything.

DashArrivals2947d ago

Yes they will all be fine on the normal PS4, I have a 4k TV 75". All the games look amazing. BUT, I do want the 60 fps for ALL games, that's why I'll be buying the Neo and put the Normal PS4 in my bedroom.

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Bunkday2947d ago

I think games will b more intresting and more playfull

Hedstrom2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

There is nothing confirmed about the Neo other than it exist, so to argue as to why you should buy one is pointless and stuppid!

yomfweeee2947d ago

Ya this article and the "Top 5 Differences between PS4 and PS4 Neo" made me think I missed the reveal or something.