How will HDR improve games? XboxOne S & Scorpio will support it, PS4 NEO most likely will.

All this talk of HDR consoles and TV's could leave many confused with gaming as it has been using HDR for a very long time. And although this is true it is not quite as straight forward as this and much is due to the display panels and how we view images.

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showtimefolks1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

we don't nothing about neo yet besides rumors. even sony europe president said that leaked specs are false so let's wait and see

but this is a great new thing for consoles and hopefully gamers will give it a chance

dreadz741860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

He never said they were false he said people are speculating... He was damage controlling trust me if Sony had more powerful specs than Scorpio they would scream it from mountain tops... The leaks come from Devs and the papers they received with dev kits...

Babadook71860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Yes neo will not beat Scorpio in specs. How often does a system come a year later and is not more powerful? Sony does not NEED to beat Scorpio specs. The system is cheaper and coming a year sooner. It only needs to be close enough. And if Neo is going to be at a higher than rumored spec, Sony will likely want to shock people at the unveiling. Like they did when announcing 8 gb GDDR5. Hence the silence/meniacal laugh from Ryan.

showtimefolks1860d ago


In an interview with French gaming site JeuxVideo, when asked how Sony would handle a 2 TFLOP disadvantage in favor of Microsoft’s new machine, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Jim Ryan stated that those so-called facts were based on rumors that were fairly speculative in their nature and that people should talk once the final specs of the two consoles are actually announced. When confronted about the possibility that the 2TFLOP advantage might be true, Jim Ryan just laughed it off repeatedly, in a maniacal manner that would make Aku from Samurai Jack proud

i guess that's damage control to you

to me it's saying we haven't announced anything yet and it's all rumors

maybe people already forgot how xbox one was suppose to be better/more powerful yet ps4 ended up having more power

Bennibop1860d ago

HDR is only a benefit if your TV supports it, not sure Microsoft have made that clear and I believe that people think they will have gains when they have not got the setup.

Zjet1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

HDR is High Dynamic range people,

Increased colour depth and colour gammit IF you have a TV that supports HDR.

The fact is it comes down to your display people, i have worked and still work within the Consumer electronics industry...

48" 1080p OLED without HDR still looks better than its 4K LED HDR counterpart

freshslicepizza1860d ago

its the new marketing blitz and many new tv's will support. problem is there are two different hdr systems in place. one is by dolby, not sure if the xbox one s supports both

medman1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

It does not. The xbox one S will only support HDR10, not Dolby Vision. Not sure about Sony's approach for the Neo, but we shall see.

dreadz741860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Does not ony HDR10. All 4k hdr bluray discs must support HDR10 they do not have to support Dolby Vision(DV). Currently DV is only streamed to sets, however in the future it can be supported. So HDR10 is always going to be the standard. Only big difference in DV and HDR10 is Dynamic Metadata, later this year though all HDR10 sets will get it via update. Watch this video it will help then read up some on the topic.

dreadz741860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Incorrect HDR will Trump Non HDR no matter the resolution or panel type.. Yes 1080p Oled looks great if your close as you won't really see the difference of res to 4k led(non HDR) set. Oled gets you with infinite blacks giving a much higher perceived contrast ratio. HDR gives a brighter image more colurs and depth that even a 1080p Oled can't match.

Get your facts staright, yes Oled is the future and Oled looks better than LCD. With HDR LCD is able to get much brighter and has a WCG currently (Fald Sets)