PS3 Launch Outsells Xbox 360 Launch.

Sony today announced that they have sold 1 million Playstation 3s in North America since the launch of the console six weeks ago.

That makes the Playstation 3 the fastest selling home console Sony has ever launched.

Microsoft sold 600,000 of their Xbox 360s from their November launch to the second week in January.

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Hey Zeus5240d ago

Excellent, this is great news and they haven't even launched in Europe, if they get all those other games out for the European launch, it's a winner!

TheMART5240d ago

"Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced that more than one million units of its recently launched PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system have been sold in to the retail channel in North America. "

To the retail channel sold... Right... That's shipped. Not sold to the end user. And we've seen the boxes sitting around in shops, on ebay etc etc.

And the sales for the 360 weren't fixed on NA and Japan alone, they had Europe also. The number of produced consoles had to be spread over the different continents. Back then:

NA about 700k units have been sold
Europe 500k units have been sold
Japan wasn't so much but still 65.000 or so

That's almost 1.3 million 360's SOLD compared to the 1 million PS3 SHIPPED from Sony

InMyOpinion5240d ago

They have'nt sold 1 million, only shipped. Big difference.

Hey Zeus5240d ago

They sold 1M units stop trying to bend the truth. Get over it you got owned plain and simple, get a job and stop being such a loser, if u do have a job u must be a lazzy fud, because all you seem to do is be on news4gamers 24/7!

shikwan5240d ago

I don't THINK SO!!!!
Sony has to deal with 10.4 MILLION 360s and the fact that 360 will be utilized as a set-top-box for IPTV providers like AT&T among others.

Sony - So Knee deep in sh+t, it ain't funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.