Resistance 2 Multiplayer Demo Coming in October

MusterBuster, EU Community Leader: "If, like us, you're eagerly awaiting the launch of Resistance 2 for PLAYSTATION®3 this November, you'll no doubt be pleased to hear that an opportunity to play the game before launch is coming in October.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has just announced a competitive online multiplayer event running in October, powered by PLAYSTATION®Network. The event will allow PS3 owners the opportunity to be the first to explore new levels, modes and weapons – as well as provide Insomniac Games, the developer of Resistance 2, and SCEE with feedback on the game.

No further details are available as yet, but we'll bring you more info as soon as we have it. In the meantime, here's a preview of the multiplayer mode:

"The sequel to 2007's critically-acclaimed shoot-up Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 sees Nathan Hale back on his home turf, taking the fight to the foe.

The game's multiplayer modes are set to make a huge impact. Co-operative play allows eight-player squads to undertake a fully independent online campaign built specifically for co-op play, with players choosing from three different character class types: Soldier, Specialist and Medic.

Players can also look forward to vast 60-person online battles in which they join squads with distinct battlefield objectives and fight it out on PLAYSTATION Network. The combination of squad objectives and large player-count will give Resistance 2 the perfect blend of epic battlefield chaos and intimate close-quarters combat."

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TheHater3701d ago

What is it? Resistance Tuesday or something? First the collector edition deal, then the release date, and now beta information for Europe? What next?

TheHater3701d ago

no it a demo because it mention new levels, and weapons. It probable is going to be like the Burnout, Battlefield and Lost Planet demos. All those demo had an online mode to them. Oh and the guy said Demo, not beta

NO_PUDding3701d ago

Look forward to passing my own judgement on this game.

Stryfeno23701d ago

*Yawn* I guest they have to release a demo to hype PS3 owners.

TheHater3701d ago

This game doesn't need a demo to get PS3 owners hype for it

butterfinger3701d ago

You're so obsessed with the PS3 that you had to make a name about it and troll the PS3 news. Get a life and go get excited about Gears 2. As for me, I'll be playing both come November.

LarVanian3701d ago

You guest?

Also what is the problem with releasing a demo for a game?
And why is it that you posted an unnecessary comment?
Please stfu and go jerk off to Marcus Fenix. That is after all the only thing you fat-ass Xbots ever do.

Drekken3701d ago

Why pay this child any attention. He cant even spell. IGNORE HIM and his kind.

juuken3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

You are a...

1. Flop
2. Disgrace to humanity.
3. A pile of sh*t.
4. A c*cksucker for Microsoft.
5. An even bigger c*cksucker for Cliffy Bigot.
6. A pain in the ass.
7. A waste of human life.

I know you're jealous of this game but please, keep it at a minimum.
People, take his bubbles. He doesn't deserve them at all whatsoever. I reckon he's either the Mart or another one of those 360 fanatics in disguise.

Drekken3701d ago

These children get so mad at the attitudes from PS fans... Ive been visiting this site a long time, way longer then I have had an account for posts. I have to tell you, you xbox fanatics have created this hatred for you and your console. You treated PS fans like garbage even though the PS user base is 6x your measly Xbox owner base.

Now it comes back full swing at you. Angry people with attitudes that wont tolerate the bullsh*t anymore. Get used to it because your console is dated. You better start saving up, cause if you want to be in the same league of gamers as PS3 owners you will have to buy a PS3 or the next xbox coming to you in one year.

3701d ago
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Just press 'Ignore' next to there Names/Avatars and you won't have to read any of it anymore. They will get Nastier and Nastier as the Months go past, as the xBox 360 Ship SINKS in to the Sea!!! ;-D
+I think most of them are the KING xBot RATS on this just winding PS3 Fans up??? Hmm...

+Any Demo of this will do!!! ;-P

LarVanian3701d ago

R2 is a POS. (What exactly is a POS?)
BTW FVCK you junken. (Man did juuken rape and kill your whole family or something?)
GOW2 will kick this game's as in scores, reviews and online/singleplay just like the first one did. (Sorry man but God of War 2 did not have online. I'm not actually expecting Resistance 2 to beat God of War 2 because IMO, God of War 2 is the best game ever)
DROIDS are emo's. (Are we now? Sorry but we are not the ones crying over dead consoles like you Xbots)

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butterfinger3701d ago

A multiplayer demo is even better than a beta. It looks like we will all be able to get a sample of R2 before it's released:)

orakga3701d ago

I almost disagreed with you, but then I realized you had a point.

While the Demo certainly does provide a better gaming experience for the consumer, it doesn't provide the consumers the opportunity to give feedback to the developer. Basically, you get sample of the final product, and that's what you're stuck with regardless of how you likeit.

Double-edged sword indeed.

Jeff2223701d ago

The first one was amazing can't wait to play the second one. Been waiting since I finished the first one

lento3701d ago

ya multiplayer in that game was pretty sweet... and now they give us a demo for the multiplayer not to mention the full game will have 8 player co-op going on.. cant wait!

celticlonewolf3701d ago

The best things I love about this gen all the demos we get to play and this one is up there as being one of the best demos we can get are hands on this year.

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