5 PS4 Games Every Gamer Should Own

Want to know which PlayStation 4 games are worth your time? Whether you've recently brought a glossy new PS4 or you're hoping to extend your library. Here is the list of 5 PS4 games every PlayStation 4 gamer should own.

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Stupid2909d ago

Uncharted 4, a PS4 symbol, a must have title

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jessionpc2908d ago

No, it's not.

It's a great game, but it doesn't define this generation. It didn't even come close to The Last of Us. Now THAT was a fkn masterpiece. Not only one of the greatest single player stories of all time, but one of the most unique and interesting multiplayers I've ever played. Even as a PC gamer I kept coming back for more.

One 14 hour play through and 99% will have no reason to every play the game again. Fact. The multiplayer was all but dead the second day in. It's polished, but it's 20 years out of date. I'll say this, I loved the 1 play through I did, and even though the climbing and parts of the game dragged on too long, and the treasures were a completely wasted opportunity to fill the game with more lore and life, I still felt very satisfied with the end. But then it left a feeling of emptyness, because It's just an interactive 14 hour movie. Not to mention just to enjoy the game to it's fullest you HAVE to buy that collectors edition and play the 3 different games just to understand the Uncharted universe. It's high quality, it's polished, it's pretty. But it lacks GAME.

So far there is only 1 game exclusive to the ps4 that's truly a masterpiece, and that's Bloodborne.

Driveclub/Imfamous/Killzone/K nack while having their charm and being good games in their own merit are not console sellers. They won't be on anyone's top 10 list when the generation is over and I doubt anyone is going to be revisiting them in the future like people do with Chrono Trigger still to this day.

Only time will tell about the future, but I can say this. That article is nuts. Uncharted collectors/TLOU are just remasters of ps3 games and the Witcher 3/Hitman are 3rd party games.

Errorist762901d ago

Jessiboy, just give it up...you and your several alternate accounts. Just because you are sad and salty doesn't mean everybody has to feel this way!

nuckfuggets2909d ago

They ruined the hitman games, made it all online .. Good single player games with solid storyline .. Their days are gone

Bismarn2909d ago

Yes but are all these games good enough that every gamer should buy them even if they don't have a PS4? Does the box art alone carry them?

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MyGameMag2909d ago

hitman should be on number 1

gamamaja2909d ago

Hitman my all time fav game. Waiting fr this game