CES 2007: Gears of War Sells 2.7 Million Copies Worldwide

Today, during Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates' CES keynote address in Las Vegas, Robbie Back revealed that Gears of War from Epic Games has sold 2.7 million copies eight weeks after it went on sale.

"That title is now a Halo-like franchise that continues to drive hardware in a very positive way," Bach said. "We think it's an evergreen property that we're going to be able to leverage for a long time."

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Funky Town_TX5442d ago

I bet this will make EPIC consider UT 07 for the 360. Just think with PS3 installed base to reach only about 2 million when the game is rleased epic better rethink the if it will be exclusive. $$$$$ talks B.S runs a marathon.

PS360PCROCKS5442d ago

I was thinkin the same thing funky, but wow 3 million copies thats crazy

eques judicii5442d ago

I think epic purposes didn't announce UT 2007 for 360... epic fans and unreal fans may have put off gears and just waited for UT... with their knowledge of the 360 it wouldn't surprise me if they brought that over (or announced it in the next few months)

zonetrooper55442d ago

I have a feeling that sometime near the next E3 Epic will annouce UT07 for the 360. The reason being is that why would like only annouce it on the PC and PS3 and not the 360. Was this for Gears of War, i think it was to be honest.