The Most Expensive Supercar in GTA V: Grotti X80 Proto

The Grotti X80 Proto is a two-door hypercar featured in GTA Online as part of the Power Play DLC Update. This supercar is the first vehicle in the series to be

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Nero21422460d ago

I can hear all those shark cards being sold just for this car $_$

WellyUK2460d ago

The people who used their brains at launch will be fine. AKA using the money glitch so they dont have to buy shitty shark cards.

2460d ago
detroitmademe2460d ago

Glitches are lame. As it stands the whole purpose in gta online is to earn money.I'n my opinion When you use the glitches it ruins your experience and breaks immersion because you'll naturally want to keep doing the glitches instead of playing a variety of missions. I've never had to cheat or use shark cards and I own an office with 3 large warehouses. Hit me up on psn if anyone is looking for a crew that can get the job done. My psn name is the same

WellyUK2460d ago

and the entire reason why GTA online out right sucks is because the fun factor is behind a grind fest or a shark cards.

fatalis952460d ago

Gta missions need to give more money, and i Wouldn't mind some new missions or a very hard mode.

detroitmademe2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

@fatalis95 very true. They've been putting out a Bunch of adversary modes (which are pvp matches ) and that's not what the essence of gta has been about over the years. They should instead focus on adding more solo and co - op stuff like contact missions etc. Bring the single player spirit of gta to the online portion of the game. And missions should definitely pay out more