TalkingAboutGames PAX 2008: Hands-on with Resistance 2

TalkingAboutGames writes: "Occupying the majority of Sony's floor space at PAX 2008, Resistance 2 was on hand to dish out a healthy serving of multiplayer goodness to the masses. And for the entirety of the convention, this was one of the few games that always had people lining up to play. In fact, the only times I didn't see a queue of at least 4 people behind each kiosk occurred during the network downtimes at Sony's booth.

For the majority of the convention, we were treated to a single, enormous multiplayer map. And for hours on end, gamers were able to take part in matches of Meltdown, in which teams attempt to capture and hold nodes throughout the map. Although these games quickly devolved into deathmatches, it was still quite entertaining to run around with the Chimera once again."

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Big Cojones3701d ago

Everybody will be saving money for Gears on November. This B game doesn't have a chance.

ShadowReaper143701d ago

ive never played the demo but thae guy whio gave this review must be a 360 fanboy cuz the game can not be that bad at all