Is Mighty No 9 the Most Disappointing Game of All Time? - Up at Noon Live - IGN Video

After nearly 3 years, the crowd-funded Mega Man successor arrives with a groan rather than applause.

DragonDDark2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

No.. I've seen games become worse

shinoff21832950d ago

This game is catching way to much flak.
Is Mighty No 9 the Most Disappointing Game of All Time? Get out of here with that not even close

lizard812882950d ago

I'd say Duke Nukem Forever is.

OoglyBoogly2950d ago

Down vote me to oblivion if you want but Bioshock Infinite takes the cake for me. Didn't come close to the first one and all the stuff they showed that wasn't in the final game was a complete let down.

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Mighty No. 9 vs Mega Man 11: Who Wore It Better? A Retrospective Look

Mighty No. 9 and Mega Man 11 are two games that tried to fill a very big gaming hole, and the story behind it all is even more interesting. So which game wore the Mega Man dress better? Jason Capp is here with some retrospective thoughts upon his 2022 playthroughs.

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CrimsonWing69720d ago

Lol, I literally said that out loud when clicking on this article.

VersusDMC720d ago

Only tried the demos for both and mighty 9 looked atrocious. Megaman 11 was fun and polished. Never played both full versions but will see it they are on PS Extra when i get home.

Mostly get my megaman fix playing the azure gunvolt games and spin offs. And Maverick Hunter X on my Vita.

VersusDMC720d ago

Just tried Mighty No 9 again on PSExtra...graphics are atrocious and taking down enemies by dashing into them feels so hollow.

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Kickstarter's Gaming Successes Prove Big Gaming Doesn't Know What Fans Want

Kickstarter has allowed game developers all over the world to bring their respective visions to life, while AAA Studios remains out of touch.

TheEnigma3131602d ago

This is very true. Companies like EA, UBI, MS seem to be disconnected from what fans want.

1602d ago
AK911602d ago

Um I’m not too sure about that check how well those games sold besides the money they got from Kickstarter they didn’t sell nearly as much as most games from publishers (AAA or not).

The unfortunate reality is these days games like Shenmue 3 and Bloodstained are incredibly niche and the only way it could survive is by use of a fan funded website like Kickstarter.


Top 5 Heart-wrenching Gaming Disappointments

There are games people hoped would be good. Maybe there was a great developer making it or fun premise. Unfortunately, those things couldn't save these titles.

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LordoftheCritics1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

No Man's Sky had the most disappointing launch after the massive hype.

It also had the best turn around of any game.

Today it is basically a mammoth sandbox/city builder/space sim/casual podcast in the background meditative play. Love it right now.

smolinsk1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

But you jumped on the hype train without seeing what the game really came with.

Sean Murry absolutely caught up in the hype and talk about future stuff that wasen't there from the start.

But what i was promised before the game came out was an unlimited univers and everybody else was looking forward to just that and nothing else. So he gave us just that..that people could not see the true picture about an Early access kind of game was delusional, it was so clear it was not ready...

akaFullMetal1609d ago

CD3, and ff15, maybe shemue 3, I feel are more recent disappoinments than Duke nukem and perfect dark.

AK911609d ago

Anthem was predicted to be a failure from its beginning especially since the last game Bioware put out was the abomination called Andromeda.