LittleBigPlanet Beta still on track for September

Sam_Protagonist over at the Official Playstation Boards, is a developer on LittleBigPlanet and has posted that a Limited Public Beta is still on track for September. He notes that it will be made available either through sign-ups or invitations, and that full information will be made public in advance of the beta.

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UNCyrus3703d ago

Oh come on... I mean.. with all the betas coming out this holiday, I'm bound to get in at least one of them, right?

Voozi3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Awesome news, I'm deffently going to keep my eye on this one.

- Socom beta - **Check**
- Resistance beta - **Check**
- Home beta
- LBP beta

Now remember people, he said there MIGHT be a way for us to sign up for the limited public beta, never said things were 100% confirmed, so if there happens to be no beta for us then, don't start going "SONY TEH LIED TO UZ!! TEH PROMIZED TEH BETA FUR LULBUGPLANET LOL!1 HOW CULD U SONY U RUINED MAI LIFE!!!1 UUUAAAHHHH!!!!!!!" and yea you get the idea...but there's still gonna be people doing that anyway if things take a turn for the worse so not sure why I even bothered saying that but w/e lol

TheTwelve3703d ago

Lol...I know, right? I don't get picked for ANYTHING.


Idonthatejustcreate3703d ago

Me - Can I join a beta plz?
Me - Oook, thx...

Really love living here...

nos4speed3702d ago

haha @ Idonthatejustcreate ..... couldnt agree more, I remember trying for the resistance 2 beta but all I got as a response was america first america only :P. Well at least us europeans get....urm....we get....oh we get nothing but hand me downs---sad face

Yoma3702d ago

I live in europe to.. And it's more like this:

Joined conversation Beta

-Hey all, I would like to join the beta
- Alright, where are you from?
- Europe

Beta 1 has left the conversation
Beta 2 has left the conversation
Beta 3 has left the conversation
Beta 4 has left the conversation
Beta 5 has left the conversation

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whoelse3703d ago

Can't wait to try and get in and then get rejected.

Relcom3703d ago

oooo me too, its gonna be so fun ;)

Raoh3703d ago

i cant wait for these games to come out but these betas are killing me

1. shouldn't betas be done 3-6 months in advance?

2. us ps3 owners have a lot to play.. hard to play it when another game we want to play comes out at the same time as the beta..

3. unless they are testing server strain.. its just a big demo to me

the betas are badly timed in my opinion.. socom should have been in july/august then release in oct.

resistance in august for a november release,

etc etc etc

dkgshiz3703d ago

This could be released today if it wanted to. Its pretty much done.

MetalProxy3703d ago

if they released it with any flaws at all, the xbots would have a hay day and would never STFU.

Baba19063702d ago

I need this one. im enjoying the other beta im in. but this one would be of the hook.