SCEE: Euro Resistance 2 date to be confirmed "fairly soon"

VG247: Following confirmation of specific Resistance 2 release dates for both Japan and the US, SCEE has said it isn't ready to do the same for Europe right now.

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Cwalat3751d ago

i hope it's the same as the U.S. release date...
which i doubt to be honest... EU games usually get released later cause of the language barrier we have here...

anyways. it shouldn't be too long before Europeans, Americans and Japaneese ppl pawn eachother once again in Resistance ! :D

Panipal20053750d ago

Because they'll release it at the a**e end of November making us Europeans wait for a month.

Or so they think, I always import PS3 games so that's one less sale going SCEE's way

cemelc3750d ago

Can you play the multiplayer with an import version of the game??? and update the game?????' cos if thats true i will be importing a lot of games.

juuken3751d ago

...SCEE, what exactly are you doing??
I don't live in Europe but everyone deserves to enjoy this game...

reincarnated3751d ago

i hope theres a midnight release! cuz i wanna play my collectors edition the second i buy it!!

Brixxer6003750d ago

Like to make us wait don't they ?

Why don't they just tell us now that we'll have to wait a month longer than everyone else ?