‘Spider-Man PS4’ developer hints at character upgrades

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man was one of the most surprising announcements to come out of E3 2016, and both fans of Spider-Man and Insomniac have had their spider senses set to alert when it comes to finding out new information regarding to the game. Since E3 2016’s conclusion, Insomniac Games has answered the questions of fans, but also to share additional information regarding the game.

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Majin-vegeta2950d ago

I want lots of upgrades,unlockables and challenges.After playing with R&C unlockable s.More devs need to bring them back!

Erik73572947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Bout to say, like how can you not think to put in character upgrades when making a game like this? I already knew there would be character upgrades as soon as they announced this game lol.

-Foxtrot2950d ago

Hope there is costume unlocks, the white on that suit is just not doing it for me

Imagine if you could create a new suit....DAMN that would be awesome

Create your own colours and materials along with upgrades

SaveFerris2950d ago

Agree. Costume unlocks definitely have to be in the game.

Chevalier2950d ago

That would be sweet! I would make mine neon green on black.....

CocoaBrother2950d ago

Definitely can't wait for this game. I've been waiting for a new Spider-man game for years.
Did anyone play Ultimate Spider-man? That game was so much fun. I still play it on my GameCube

Majin-vegeta2950d ago

Yup have it in GC.Shattered dimensions was under rated and one of the best ones.

Sunny_D2950d ago

Loved playing as Venom, such a great game and artstyle. Loved how you got to fight Wolverine as well. Venom was the closest thing that reminded me of Hulk from Ultimate Destruction.

skulz72950d ago

Loved Ultimate Spider-Man! I loved that art style and loved switching between Spider-Man and Venom. That and Spiderman 2 are my favorite Spider-Man games! I actually enjoyed The Amazing Spider-man 1 on 360/PS3 due to the web rush mechanic and batman like combat but it was under developed as well. I am sure this new Insomniac Spiderman game will be insane!

zodiac9092950d ago

If they redesigned Cole from Infamous 2 even though there were already half way done the game, it shouldn't be too hard for Insomniac to swap costumes if the general community doesn't approve.

camel_toad2950d ago

That's my thinking as well. There's been plenty of people vocal about the white in the costume and I'm sure Insomniac is listening.

CrimsonDragon902950d ago

I didn't like the suit the first time I saw it. But now, I love it. And for anyone who doesn't like the suit I am sure you will have options for costume change.

skulz72950d ago

Of course there are going to be different costumes. Mostly every spider-man game ever has had multiple costumes. I didn't like the suit at first but its growing on me, especially as they say that its a story related decision as well!

OB1Biker2950d ago

Yea there is a reason for a different costume. The story is set with a more mature Peter Parker if I understood well and it makes sense the costume changes over the years. It gives the game an original touch departing from the classic just a bit enough to have its own identity.
Some people wont like it. I really like it. They said every detail had been thought carefully with Marvel

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