New God of War video offers a closer look at the E3 2016 reveal

Last week, you got your first look at Santa Monica Studio‘s bold new take on its long-running God of War series. Given the upcoming game’s new direction, the incredible 10 minute-long gameplay sequence that debuted at the PlayStation E3 2016 Press Conference might have been a lot to take in. Duly, we sat down with …

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ArchangelMike1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

After God of War Ascension I thought I was done with God of War. But now I'm like, dang I'm gonna have to play this game to see what happens between Kratos and his son. It looks awesome.

Nitrowolf21815d ago

That's how I feel

I could barely bring myself to even complete ascension (I did though)

The series had always had great gameplay, but it's been recycled far to long with not so big revisions. When they showcased the demo I was just blown away with how different it looked, and the fact that they actually decided to take a risk at changing it up.

Easily one of my most anticipated title

nX1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

God Of War 2&3 were my favourite games yet I'm really looking forward to see how this story unfolds and how the combat works a few hours into the game. The third person perspective has a lot of potential to move this series forward and there are some seriously talented people working at Sony Santa Monica, so I'm not worried about this change at all.

dRanzer1814d ago

i dont maind if kratos and his son will share there advanture toghter,but i dont want to play babyssiter
and i wondering how Cory will associate with the end of god of war 3 and greek myth and moving to the nordic myth

thejigisup1814d ago

I am super excited to see where the game takes kratos from where we left off on GoW3. This game looks like it could be extremely brutal; ripping off Helios' head was a really memorable moment and i hope they can recreate that feeling and improve upon it. I can't even miss the old style because i still have those games and can jump back into them whenever. I'm glad to see kratos and SSM mature and evolve.