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"When Final Fantasy XV made an appearance at Microsoft’s press conference during E3, I was genuinely shocked to see the game on the company’s platform. The franchise is usually synonymous with the Sony brand of consoles. As someone who has played most, if not all, Final Fantasy game to hit home consoles, I was practically giddy with excitement when I had the chance to see a new demo of the long in development game. Unfortunately, the initial demo that I saw at E3 left me underwhelmed" -- Xbox Enthusiast.

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Killz4Twinkies1818d ago

Unfortunately had the same exact impression. I want this game to be good sooooo bad but really dont see it at least in regard to the combat demos that have been shown.

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NovusTerminus1818d ago

I don't think it will disappoint, I've play the Platinum demo and Episode Duscae and it is fun, I think the showing at the MS event was a combination of a bad section to showcase with an even worse player.

Would not be the first time a great game had a horrible showcase at E3.

Killz4Twinkies1818d ago

Was going to mention that, it looked like the guy playing didnt understand what to do in the demo. I'm with you to hoping it turns out great.

In the meantime, i just scooped FF VI for the low on the Square Enix sale for Vita

Sunny_D1818d ago

I'm hoping the exploration and adventure parts can make up for the combat if it turns out to be disappointing. This FF was a long time coming and since FF13 wanted to be a corridor like game, this will be the first FF open world game done right in a long time.

jambola1817d ago

Me too, the controls in the platinum demo were a bit awkward i think, but at least they have said they will have the duscae controls as an option too, but hopefully even if they combat doesn't deliver, hopefully everything else can.

-Foxtrot1817d ago

They look slower from Nomuras version which was faster paced and had the Kingdom Hearts styled menu.

Not to mention you could change characters on the fly.

This looks clunky and before anyone gives me their excuse of "Well you might need to unlock more things" I'm sorry but we've seen combat spread out all over the game and I see no difference despite their level.

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Crakface1818d ago

Everybody hates the big dog.

This game will be great but theres always those guys who want it to be better then great because they feel entitled. These nerds will put in 200 hours in ffxv then say the game was just average. lol. Its digusting. Comboat was fun, both demos were fun. I think they're holding back on the eyecandy of spells, at least i hope so because thats all im really looking forward to to propel this game into elite levels.

THe only thing that made me nervous was square saying the game would have a lack of summon spells. If not summon spells i hope they compensate for this with actual spells and advanced looking flashy abilities. If not, whats the purpose of spending all this time making miles of terrain if the characters themselves cant do moves as beautiful as the landscapes.

Game better deliver on those fronts.

Mr_Luke1817d ago

I have a weird feeling about the game, but i didn't say anything because otherwise people would kill me ^^''' But... besides graphics and the summons, very impressive, it remembers me a boring version of The Witcher 3, with some reference to FF and with vehicles. I played the Platinum demo and Episode Duscae too, i bought FFT0 for that demo but it didn't "wow!!" me (let alone Platinum, i know it was a tech demo and i'm not talking about it).
After every video i get more and more that impression. I know, i can't judge the game yet and i really hope i'm wrong, since i've been waiting for this game since it was revealed. I've even pre-ordered it.
I repeat, i'm really hoping i'm wrong and i got the wrong impression but I'm more interested in KH3 for now, can't wait to kill all those heartless.

Disagrees incoming!!! ;D

Adrian_v011817d ago

Are you fishing for disagrees? Cause it sounds like it.

Also you sound like you WISH to be disappointed, and in that case you will be disappointed.

randomwannab1817d ago

Set low expectations and when the game is better, then it's a win for purchasing it. Set high expectations and when a game is worse, you feel like you wasted your money more than if you set your expectations low.

Adrian_v011816d ago

Or expect nothing at all? Just accept the game for what it is.

jessionpc1817d ago

Oh no!

One of the best rpg stories in gaming history, some of the coolest new ideas and interactions with story characters, a disturbingly huge world to explore, after game completion content, 200+ hours of quests/gameplay, TWO awesome romance stories, fishing, driving, leveling up, equipment creation and ALL sorts of shit alongside your usual AAA polish like superb voice acting, mocap animations, CGI etc etc etc etc etc

God forbid, now the game's going to fail because the combat doesn't feel like bloodborne.

Oh gods no.

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Kurdishcurse1817d ago

Meh...turn based combat is the dullest and most non immersive bore fest to me. Glad final fantasy took this direction than the slogish bore that is their past genre.

carloshp111812d ago

There are TONS of things never tried on a turn based combat battle system. I think you can make it dynamic, easy to use but insanely hard to master, and diverse, all at the same time.

But you need to change the rules. Ey why the don't want to? small flash games have brought a lot more of innovation on this direction that AAA or AA games .

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