Eurogamer: Legendary Preview

Calling your game "Legendary" is really just asking for people to take a pop at you. For a generation brought up to see the phrase as a description of slightly dubious excellence - Chuck Norris being probably the most apt recipient of the title - rather than a reference to mythology, you might as well call the game "Fantastic" or "Bloody Marvellous". It's just a bit assumptive, you know? A bit of a liberty.

It's surprising, then (but really just as well) that Eurogamer's first impression of Legendary can be summed up in one word: unpretentious. This is a game that's as straightforward as they come. It's a first-person shooter without any of the frills and flourishes - an honest, simple, hand-on-heart experience that's all about a man with a lot of guns going up against demonic beasts with lots of teeth.

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