Horizon: Zero Dawn might breath new life into its genre | GodisaGeek

Dan Murphy: "Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of the best and most interesting things I played at E3, and I’m really looking forward to playing more."

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Majin-vegeta1818d ago

Man seems everyobe is enjoying this game I hate how it was delayed but from the looks of it it's all for the better so its more polished come release.

I would like to touch up on the A.I part GG have some od the best known A.I programming in games.Anyone who has played KZ2 knows what I'm talking about.

Feb.28 cant come soon enough:D

gijsbrecht1818d ago

I fully agree. I am glad they are taking their time with Horizon. The gameplay itself already seems universally liked, so when can polish everything and create as much content as possible, we could have a classic here.

And the enemy A.I. is indeed impressive. I have very high hopes for this one.